Face Mask Required, It's the Law

February 05, 2021

Face Mask Required - It's the Law.

New Federal Rules Effective Immediately

The federal Transportation Security Administration (TSA) now requires people to wear masks that cover both the nose and mouth when awaiting, boarding, traveling on, or disembarking public transportation. People must also wear masks when entering or on the premises of a transportation hub in the United States.

TSA requires us to notify you that failure to comply may result in denial of boarding or removal. Refusal to wear a mask is a violation of federal law; passengers may be subject to penalties under federal law.

The federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has issued a new order on face-mask attributes: Cloth masks should be made with two or more layers of a breathable fabric that is tightly woven. Masks should be secured to the head with ties, ear loops or elastic bands that go behind the head. Customers who need a face mask may take one from a mask dispenser on our buses and ferries.

Based on the order, Kitsap Transit no longer permits these types of masks: 

  • Neck gaiters (single layer), scarves, ski masks, balaclavas or bandannas
  • Shirt or sweater collars pulled up over the mouth and nose
  • Masks containing slits, exhalation valves or punctures
  • Face shields or goggles (may be worn to supplement a mask that meets requirements)

If you have a medical exemption, you must obtain a medical-exemption card. Please contact our ACCESS service using one of these methods:

  • Phone: (360) 479-7272
  • E-mail: accessemail@kitsaptransit.com 
  • Web form: Fill out our form at kitsaptransit.com/maskExemption A Mask Waiver Card issued by Kitsap Transit is only valid on Kitsap Transit Services. This card is not valid on any other transit system, business or organization.

For additional federal guidance on face masks, please CLICK HERE

Mask Types

Credit: cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/prevent-getting-sick/cloth-face-cover-guidance.html

Some masks work better than others to help stop the spread of COVID-19 outside of healthcare settings. Medical masks and N-95 respirators should not be used because they should be conserved for healthcare personnel.

COVID Face Mask Graphic Allowed & Not Allowed

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