Bremerton Two-Boat

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Passenger-Only Ferry

Service Times

Monday - Friday

Approx. crossing time: 30 minutes

Areas Served

Bremerton, Bremerton Transportation Center (10 Washington Ave, Bremerton, WA 98337), with connections to routed transportation operated by Kitsap Transit and Mason Transit. 

SeattleDowntown Seattle Pier 50 (801 Alaskan Way, Seattle, WA 98104), with connections to routed transportation including King County Metro, Sound Transit, and Link Light Rail.

Schedule Effective: February 24, 2020 


Routed service connecting with the Bremerton Fast Ferry

#301 North Kitsap Fast Ferry Express | #202 Central Kitsap Fast Ferry Express


Route Map

General Policies and Information

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Fast Ferry Schedules

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Bremerton to Seattle (Eastbound)

Seattle to Bremerton (Westbound)

       Depart Bremerton Ferry Dock Arrive Pier 50 Seattle Ferry Dock Depart Pier 50 Seattle Ferry Dock Arrive Bremerton Ferry Dock
  AM 5:25 AM 5:55 AM 6:05  AM 6:35
2nd Boat 6:05* 6:35 6:45* 7:15
  6:45 7:15 7:25 7:54
2nd Boat 7:25* 7:55 8:00* 8:30
  8:05 8:35 8:40 9:10
  PM 2:05*  PM 2:35 PM 2:40* PM 3:10
   3:15 3:45 3:55 4:25
2nd Boat 3:45* 4:15 4:25* 4:55
  4:30 5:00 5:10 5:40
2nd Boat 5:00* 5:30 5:40* 6:10
  5:45 6:15 6:25 6:55
  7:05* 7:35 7:40* 8:10

* Walk-ups only - No reservations for these time slots. 


General Policies and Information A-Z

Kitsap Transit ferries and gangways are wheelchair friendly. Crewmembers will help to ensure a safe and secure ride. The Rich Passage 1 can accommodate up to four mobility devices* on a first-come, first served basis. Passengers can reach the Bremerton Ferry Dock from the bus deck by taking the main elevator down to the boardwalk and following signs to the gangway towards the Foot Ferries. An elevator at the end of the gangway will transport passengers to the ferry dock.

*Mobility Devices are defined by the ADA as "a manually-operated or power-driven device designed primarily for use by an individual with a mobility disability for the main purpose of indoor and outdoor locomotion." Other power-driven mobility devices (OPDMDs) will NOT be allowed aboard the passenger only Rich Passage 1 to maintain the safety of all passengers and crew members. OPDMDs (i.e,  ATVs, Segways, mopeds, scooters, golf carts) infringe upon safe operation due to strict weight limits enacted and enforced by the United States Coast Guard, the high volume of pedestrian traffic, the design and operational characteristics of the vessel (there is no available storage to secure such devices), and the substantial risk posed by combustion-engines containing flammable liquid fuel that is a marine pollutant.

Bicycles are welcome aboard on a first-come first-served basis. Crews will direct passengers on secure placement of their bikes in one of the 12 exterior racks. The current design of the existing bike rack (each with inside openings of 2.25") makes it impossible to safely secure bikes with fenders, disc brakes, or balloon tires. Bicycles that do not fit safely in the bike rack will not be allowed on the vessel. If you would like to test the bike rack and see if your bicycle fits, you may do so using the bike testing rack located on the Bremerton Dock gangway. Chaining your bicycle to the rail of the vessel is prohibited. Vessel weight restrictions also prohibit electric bikes. Shoes with metal sports cleats are not allowed in passenger areas. 

Boarding the Vessel
You must have your bar-coded reservation pass printed or on your mobile device with you when you check in. If you print your reservation, be sure to print the "ticket," not the invoice that comes with your ticket.

Please have your reservation pass out and available to the service ambassador. If you have more than one reservation for a sailing departure, each person must be present to recieve their boarding pass. Only one boarding pass will be issued to each person.

If a sailing is cancelled, all reservations for that sailing will be cancelled. Passengers will be accommodated on a space-available basis on the next available sailing. 

Reservations not redeemed 10 minutes before the sailing will be released to walk-up passengers. 

Service Animals
Only service animals are allowed in Kitsap Transit buildings, vessels, or buses (the only exception is small animals inside a fully enclosed pet carrier not exceeding 25 pounds). Passengers that are traveling with a service animal are responsible, and may be held liable, for its behavior and actions. Kitsap Transit reserves the right to deny transportation, regardless of certification, if any animal poses a direct threat to the health and safety of others. 

Comfort animals, emotional support animals, and service animals in training are not service animals and must be in a fully enclosed pet carrier.

Pets and comfort/emotional support animals will not be allowed to board in a purse, back pack, reusable grocery bag, etc.  Only fully enclosed approved pet carriers are allowed.

One-way fares are payable with exact cash or ORCA E-purse. Monthly passes can be purchased for round trips. Fares are based on the direction of travel. Passengers can travel to Seattle from Bremerton for the cash fare of $2 and from Seattle to Bremerton for the cash fare of $10. More information on fares can be found on our Kitsap Transit Fares page

Food and Beverages
No food or beverages are sold aboard the Rich Passage 1. Passengers are not allowed to eat in the cabin, and beverages must be in closed containers.

Lost and Found
Items left aboard the Rich Passage 1 will be held on the boat for 24 hours and then turned over to Kitsap Transit Customer Service located at 10 Washington Avenue inside the Bremerton Transportation Center building. 

Park & Ride to the Ferry Terminal
Kitsap Transit offers free commuter parking at park & ride lots across Kitsap County.  Bus service connects park & ride commuters to ferry terminals. Also see Connecting Service above.


There are 118 seats, 12 bicycle racks and 4 mobility device tie-down locations on the RP1.

Kitsap Fast Ferries will take reservations for up to 88 passengers per sailing. The remaining 30 seats on the vessel will be available to walk-up passengers on a first-come, first-served basis.

Reservations are only taken for the morning and evening commute period trips Monday - Friday. You will not be able to reserve a specific seat. 

No payment is required during the reservation process. The maximum number of seats that can be reserved is two, and reserved seats that have not been redeemed will be released to passengers in the walk-up line. Larger Parties wishing to make a reservation should contact Customer Service at (800) 501-RIDE, Monday - Friday 6:00AM - 7:00PM and Saturday 8:00AM-4:00PM. Your fare will be collected when you board the vessel. Click here for fare information. 

Making a Reservation

To book your reservation, visit the reservations page

Reservations will be taken beginning at 9:00AM on the first business day of each month for any day(s) in a following month. For example, at 9:00AM on October 1, you can start booking reservations for sailings in November. 

Reservations close 15 minutes before the scheduled sailing. 

Your passenger reservation does not guarantee you a reservation for your bicycle. Bicycles are on a first-come first-served basis. 

Cancelling a Reservation

Customers can cancel their fast-ferry reservations up to 30 minutes before a scheduled sailing, making these reservations available to other customers. Customers must redeem their reservations by checking in (in person) within 10 minutes before the scheduled sailing time to avoid their reserved seats being released to passengers in the walk-up line. Click Here to see helpful instructions on cancelling your reservation.

If you create an account when reserving your seat you are then able to cancel your reservations online. If you do not have an account contact Customer Service at (800) 501-RIDE.

Line Cutting or Holding a Spot is Not Permitted

Due to limited seating on the Rich Passage 1, please respect your fellow passengers who arrive early to secure a spot. Line cutting or holding a spot for another person is not permitted. Please join the line in the order you arrive. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding.

The Rich Passage 1 has two restrooms on board, both of which are ADA compliant. There are also public restrooms along the Bremerton boardwalk for your convenience.

Orca E-purse transfers offer free connecting service within two hours of initial travel. If the next connecting service charges a higher fare, you pay only the additional amount.  

Waterfront Parking 
Paid parking is available in downtown Port Orchard. For details and questions, call the City of Port Orchard at 360.876.4407.

A variety of paid parking options are available in downtown Bremerton. Click here for a detailed list of locations and costs complied by The City of Bremerton.

Kitsap Transit offers paid parking at the Annapolis Ferry Dock. The daily parking fee of $5 and monthly parking permits are available for $80 (please call 800.501.7433). Permits do not guarantee a space as spaces are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

The Rich Passage 1 does not offer internet service at this time. There are power outlets throughout the cabin for charging your devices.  



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