Ridge Runner

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The rights and lefts for this route with times and some stops are listed below. 


Time Comments Time Comments 7/26/2023
5:57 AM Depart Tibardis Lot 3:40 PM Depart Charleston Bus Yard  
  Left onto Tibardis   Enter Charleston Gate to Shipyard  
  Left onto Tracyton   Right onto Barclay St  
6:00 AM Pickup at Gillespie   Left onto South Ave  
6:02 AM Left onto Stampede   Pickup at South Ave and W Street (Bldg 467)
  Pickup at NW Ashford Loop   Left onto W Street  
  Pickup at Snow Creek   Right onto Farragut Street  
6:05 AM Right onto NW Firglade Dr   Enter CIA  
  Second right to stay on NW Firglade Dr   Right turn past OK Corral  
6:07 AM Right onto Stampede   Stage at East side of DD6  
6:08 AM Right onto Fairgrounds Rd 4:09 PM Depart DD6  
  Right onto Bridlevale Blvd NW   Pickups in Yard: Bldg 1106 at PE Trailer, 
6:09 AM Pickup at NW Reintree Ct   Bldg 431 Door 2, Bldg 560 Canteen,  
  Right onto 73rd St    Outside of Main Gate  
6:10 AM Right onto Harvard Ct NW   Exit Shipyard  
  Left onto Holland Rd NW   Right onto Washington Ave (Follow onto 11th)
6:11 AM Right onto Central Valley   Right on Warren Ave  
6:12 AM Pickup just past McWilliams Rd   Left on Sheridan Rd  
6:14 AM Left onto NE Vena St   Right on Robin Ave (Dropoff)  
6:16 AM Rignt onto Sandra Ln NE   Left on E 31st Street  
  Pickup immediately after turn   Dropoff at Ryan Ave  
  Left onto NE Ridell Rd   Dropoff at Stewart Rd  
6:18 AM Right onto Pine Rd NE   Right on Sheridan  
6:19 AM Rignt onto NE Pinewood Dr   Dropoff at Apartments before Pine Rd  
6:20 AM Left onto NE Pinecone Dr   Right onto Pine Rd  
  Pickup after turn   Dropoff at  Bus Stop across from Willows
  Right onto Sugar Pine Dr   Left on Sylvan Way  
  Left onto Cedargrove St   Dropoff at Apaloosa  
  Right onto Bristlecone Dr   Right onto Monticola Dr  
6:21 AM Pickup at Ridgetop Ct Ne   Dropoff at Ridgetop Ct NE  
6:23 AM Left onto Sylvan Way   Left on Cedargrove  
  Pickup at Apaloosa Way NE   Right on Sugar Pine Dr  
6:25 AM Right onto Pine Rd NE   Dropoff at Sugar Pine and Pinecone  
  Pickup at Bus Stop at Willows    Left on NE Pinecone Dr  
  Pickup at Bus Stop at Sheridan Mini Mart   Right on NE Pinewood Dr  
  Left on Sheridan   Dropoff at last house before Pine Rd  
  Left on McClain Ave   Left onto Pine Rd  
  Left at unmarked "T" to stay on McClain Ave   Dropoff at first drivway on the right  
  Right on E 31st Street    Dropoff at Nantucket  
  Pickup at Stewart Rd   Left onto NE Ridell Rd  
  Pickup at Ryan Ave   Right on to Sandra Ln NE  
  Right on Robin Ave   Dropoff at Sandra and Vena  
6:30 AM Pickup at Robin Ave and Sheridan   Left onto Vena  
  Right onto Wheaton Way   Right onto Central Valley  
6:37 AM Right into CIA Main Gate   Left onto Holland Rd NW  
  Dropoff stops: Bldg 107, Bldg 856,    Right onto Harvard Ct NW  
  Old Fire Station, Bldg 850 Main Entrance,    Left onto NW 73rd Street  
  Blue Coffee Shop, G Lot   Left onto Bridlevale Blvd NW  
      Dropoff at NW Reintree Ct  
      Left onto Faigrounds  
      Left onto Stampede  
      Left into Firglade  
      Right to stay on Firglade  
      Dropoff near Orrfelt  
      Left onto Stampede  
      Dropoff at NW Durango Ct  
      Dropoff at Snow Creek  
      Dropoff at NW Ashford Loop  
      Right onto Tracyton Blvd  
      Right onto Tibardis  
    4:55 PM Right into bus lot  

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