A vanpool is a group of commuters travelling to and from work together in a Kitsap Transit provided van. Riders share a similar starting location and employer destination. Riders can either find an existing vanpool or become a driver and start a new vanpool route.

Here are a few good reasons to join or start a vanpool:

  • Lower your commuting costs
  • Reduce wear and tear on your personal vehicle
  • Enjoy a more relaxing commute
  • Conserve our natural resources
  • Reduce local traffic congestion and air pollution

Current and Potential Vanpool Routes

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"In addition to saving lots of money and getting the prime parking spots at work, we have several options during our commute: we can read, surf the ‘net’, catch some Zzz’s, dialog about hot topics or engage in some good-natured bantering between newly-made friends!"

Russ Key​​


"We really value the Kitsap Transit Vanpool program, and the tireless help and support that you and your team have always been known for."

Carlos Williams


"I vanpool because I find it is the most convenient mode of transport for my commute.  My employer provides a voucher that covers the cost of riding in the vanpool.  I appreciate that vanpooling saves me more time and money than commuting by myself."

Jayson Osborne


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