Routed Service Upgrade


The first phase of routed bus service upgrades will soon be initiated.

Kitsap residents will see the first first phase of major improvements to routed service beginning on March 11, 2019. The service upgrade follows a two-year planning process with the community called Transform Transit. Kitsap Transit will implement improved and expanded service starting with new routes in Central Kitsap. More improvements will be announced later this year. Check back here for updates!


Route 212 Bremerton/Silverdale West 
Route 217 Bremerton/Silverdale East 
Route 225 Sheridan Park 

kitsap-transform-transit-icons-number.jpg kitsap-transform-transit-icons-direction.jpg kitsap-transform-transit-icons-wheel.jpg kitsap-transform-transit-icons-clock.jpg

New Route Numbers

  • #100-199 in South Kitsap
  • #200-299 in Central Kitsap
  • #300-399 in North Kitsap

Route Realignment

  • Route 11 is absorbed by Routes 212 and 217
  • Route 13 is absorbed by 
    Route 217
  • Route 225 picks up part of Route 17 on Riddell and Pine  

Faster Service

  • You can catch a KT bus
    every half hour Monday

    through Friday on Routes
    212 and 217

Extended Hours

  • Routes 212 and 217 run
    more frequently and later 
    on weekdays.


#212 Bremerton/Silverdale West

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Notable Changes

kitsap-transform-transit-icons-direction.jpg  kitsap-transform-transit-icons-wheel.jpg  kitsap-transform-transit-icons-clock.jpg

​​On weekdays, Route 212 will operate between 5:30am and nearly 10pm every
30 minutes with a few exceptions. Saturday service will operate every hour from 8:15am to 7:09pm.

  • Route 212 absorbs Route 12 and part of Route 11.
  • A portion of Silverdale Way, North of Anderson Hill Rd., will not be served.
  • The bus will travel on Anderson Hill Rd., Bucklin Hill Rd. and Randall Way to Kitsap Mall Blvd. 
  • Routed bus service will no longer travel along North Lake Way. 

#217 Bremerton/Silverdale East 

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Notable Changes

kitsap-transform-transit-icons-direction.jpg  kitsap-transform-transit-icons-wheel.jpg  kitsap-transform-transit-icons-clock.jpg

On weekdays, Route 217 will operate between 5:30am and 9:10pm every
30 minutes with a few exceptions. Saturday service will run every hour from 7:45am to 6:40pm. 

  • Route 217 absorbs Route 17, and parts of Routes 11 and 13.
  • Consistent bus service along Ridgetop and Kitsap Mall Blvd. 
  • Pine Road will be covered by new Route 225–Sheridan Park.
  • Route 23 will serve the stops along Highway 303 at Brownsville Hwy.

#225 Sheridan Park  

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Notable Changes


  • Route 225 absorbs most of Route 25.
  • Route 225 will now serve Pine Rd., a section of Riddell Rd. and Highway 303 to the East Bremerton Transit Center. 
  • Route 225 will no longer serve a section of Rickey Rd. and a portion of Sheridan Rd. and the section of Wheaton Way between Sheridan Rd. and Sylvan Way. 

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