Interlocal Agreements

The interlocal agreements indexed below are posted here to comply with RCW 39.34.040 and they have not been recorded with the Kitsap County Auditor's Office (original interlocal agreements are on file with the Kitsap Transit Clerk of the Board and may be accessed by Public Records Request).

Index of Contracts and Agreements

City of Bainbridge Island - BI RIDE Joint Marketing
City of Bainbridge Island - Unocal Property
City of Bremerton - Traffic Signal Equipment
City of Bremerton - Wheaton Way Power Undergrounding
City of Everett - Cooperative Purchasing Agreement
City of Poulsbo - Kitsap County Multimodal Plan
City of Seattle - Cooperative Purchasing
Clallam Transit System - The Strait Shot service
Commonwealth of Virginia - Cooperative Purchasing Agreement
King County - Cooperative Purchasing
Kitsap County - Cities of Poulsbo & Bainbridge Island & Tribe-SR305
Kitsap County DEM - Emergency Fueling
Kitsap County - North Base Stormwater LID Retrofit
Kitsap County - Reimbursable Work
Kitsap Regional Coordinating Council - 2019 Agreement
ORCA System Implementation Operation & Maint_2019
Peninsula Regional Transportation Planning Organization
Port of Bremerton - A Float and B Pontoon Installation
Port of Bremerton - A Float and B Pontoon Maintenance & Use
Washington Learning Source - Purchasing Membership
WSDOT - Public Transportation Options During Viaduct Closure
WSTIP Mutal Aid 
WSTIP Risk Management
ORCA GA 0180-23
ORCA ILA-00 Replacement Mentor Cards
WSDES Energy Program
City of Port Orchard ILA Ruby Creek Park and Ride C102-23
ORCA ILA-00 Replacement Mentor Cards
Arizona Purchasing Cooperative Agreement ILA 2024

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