Snow & Extreme Weather

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When extreme weather hits... 

Routed Buses

When conditions become unsafe for our operations, your Kitsap Transit routed bus may run on a snow route instead of its normal route.

If we activate our Limited Snow Service plan, buses will operate only on main roads. (Visit our Limited Snow Service page to see route maps.) In this case, a route's status will appear in our Current Status table as "Limited." 

As driving conditions improve, service will be upgraded gradually, from Limited to Snow Route or Normal Route. These service upgrades will occur at specific time intervals in order to give our customers time to plan accordingly. The time intervals we plan to make changes to service are 4 AM, 9 AM, Noon, 3 PM and 7 PM. Saturday service, at 10 AM and 2 PM.

In the tables below, “Normal Route” means the service is running its normal scheduled route. It does not necessarily mean the bus is currently in service; check the route’s schedule to see its normal operating hours. If you see a red flag next to a route status, please read the footnote in the Notes table below.

Customers can get real-time location and arrival time for Kitsap Transit buses and ferries by downloading the DoubleMap mobile app or viewing our Real-Time Interactive Map in a browser. Learn more about how to use DoubleMap on our Track My Ride page.

If you have difficulty viewing the Current Status table below, you can also view it hereNOTE: Clicking the Help button below will take you off the Kitsap Transit website.

If your route status shows "Limited," buses will travel only on main arterial roads. Click here for more info.

Current Status table last updated at 7:00 PM Pacific, 02/15/2019 

Check back here to see whether any service changes are planned for your route. If your route is not listed under Service Changes, its status in the Current Status table will remain the same in the next time interval.

Reminder: The time intervals we plan to make changes to service are 4 AM, 9 AM, Noon, 3 PM and 7 PM.

Saturday, time intervals are planned at 10 AM and 2 PM.

If you have difficulty viewing the Service Changes table, you can also view it here.

Customers are strongly encouraged to subscribe to Kitsap Transit's rider alerts so they can receive push notifications. If you have questions, you can call 1.800.501.7433.

Please select the route number to view the details for the Snow Route. 

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Local and Cross-Sound Ferries

Snow won't stop the local foot ferries or the cross-sound fast ferry, but high winds and ice may.  On the rare chance that ferry service is impacted by extreme weather, we'll let you know here. We strongly encourage you to sign up for Rider Alerts

Worker/Driver Snow Service

Click here to view the Worker/Driver Snow Service page to check the status of Worker/Driver buses.

Worker/Driver buses generally operate in snowy weather. Many buses operate a modified route or may run late. Current riders can ask their driver for information on route and time modifications before bad weather hits.  New riders can call Customer Service for snow information. 

Riders are also encouraged to check their military base website for information about delays or closures. Worker/Driver buses will operate around the schedule of the base.

ACCESS Snow Service

Registered ACCESS service riders should call 1.800.422.2877 or check here for service interruptions or suspension due to adverse weather conditions. 

If service is suspended for safety reasons, ACCESS may still be available for emergency services such as trips to critical medical appointments or to pick up prescriptions, groceries and food bank items.  ACCESS will make every effort to provide service to registered riders who notify us that their trips are essential.  Please note, however, that ACCESS staff will make the final decision regarding whether a trip can be provided safely.

Vanpool Snow Service

Vanpool riders should contact their drivers for possible snow route modifications.

Tips for the Cold & Snow 

• If your road is clear, do not assume that it is clear everywhere.  Your destination may be snowy and your bus could be on a Snow Route.

• If you live on a street that is lightly traveled, or if traffic isn’t moving safely on your street, walk to a bus stop on a main arterial where traffic is moving.  

• If your stop is on a hill, please walk to a stop on flat ground.

• When tow trucks, plows, sanders or abandoned vehicles are blocking a portion of the street near your stop, walk to the nearest stop on a clear street.

• Give yourself plenty of time to get to the bus stop in the snow.  Your bus may be late during inclement weather, so dress warmly and please be patient.

• When you see the bus, step back from the curb onto the sidewalk or grass.  Wait until the bus comes to a complete stop before approaching the door.

• The floor of the bus or Foot Ferry may be slippery.  Please use caution.

• Buses may run late in the snow.  Please anticipate that it may take longer for friends and loved ones to make it home on the bus.

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