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Vanpools offer tremendous savings over the cost of commuting alone--the typical vanpooler saves more than $5,000 a year.

Save time, too. Vanpools get priority loading on and off Washington State Ferries, are exempt from state tolls, and are covered by the Guaranteed Ride Home (GRH) promise. 



A carpool is simply two or more people sharing a ride to work. Since carpool partners generally split the cost of their commute, carpooling saves money while reducing harmful emissions in the environment.

Many employers offer benefits for carpoolers, such as premium parking. Find a carpool partner and start saving today!



The mission of the SCOOT Program is to encourage commuters who work in targeted areas in Kitsap County to use alternatives to driving to work alone by offering a ‘smart option’ for personal errands. 


Enter complete home and work addresses below for the most accurate list results. Visit RideshareOnline.com to create and view custom trip lists with additional search filters, personal trip calendar, and available rewards.

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