Our Goals

Kitsap Transit is planning for the future of public transport in our county. We work to:

  • Integrate the growth of our bus system with higher-level transit options;
  • Further incorporate Passenger-Only Ferries with shore-side options, from buses to fixed guide ways and Washington State Ferries;
  • Lower costs of high-demand transit alternatives by sizing stations correctly, preserving and securing sites, and keep pieces of right-of-way;
  • Develop complementary transit and land use planning.

Transit Development Plan (TDP)

2023-2028 Transit Development Plan - DRAFT - (pdf)
2022-2027 Transit Development Plan - (pdf)

Long-Range Transit Plan (LRTP)

Download Kitsap Transit's 2022-2042 Long Range Transit Plan (pdf)
Download Kitsap Transit's 2022-2042 Long Range Transit Plan Appendices (pdf)

Click here to learn more about our Long-Range Transit Plan proccess.

Service Planning

Do you have ideas about your bus or Foot Ferry service? We want to hear from you!

Kitsap Transit is always looking for ways to improve your service, but we need help to know what your needs are. Please click here to send us your suggestions or call us at 360.373.2877.

Project Planning

The projects that Kitsap Transit invests in are geared to make taking public transportation easier and safer for you. If you have ideas on where Kitsap Transit should place its next park & ride or have other ideas that benefit our riders, let us know. Please click here to send us your project ideas!

Active Projects

These projects are just some of the great things Kitsap Transit is doing to make our services more accessible to you. Questions about all active projects can be directed to the Service & Capital Development Director at steffanil@kitsaptransit.com.


Silverdale Transit Center

The current, temporary Silverdale Transfer Center serves ten Kitsap Transit bus routes. It is located adjacent to the  The Trails at Silverdale retail center on Greaves Way.  Kitsap Transit plans to build a permanent transit center in the Silverdale area that will provide safe, ADA-accessible connections in a pedestrian-friendly location with easy access to shopping, housing and medical and social services.  Kitsap Transit's Transit Board selected a location on Ridgetop Blvd., across from Harrison Hospital and recently approved the purchase of 1.87 acres of land on Ridgetop Blvd.

Port Orchard Transit Center 

Kitsap Transit is preparing to expand the Transit Center in downtown Port Orchard to increase bus capacity, provide increased capacity for passengers, improve rider and driver amenities, and provide safer traffic patterns. Visit the project page to learn more.

SR 16 Park & Ride Study

SR 16 – Park & Ride Study Presentation (pdf)

Kitsap Transit Gateway Center  

Gateway Center Presentation (pdf)

State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA)

Kitsap Transit is a lead agency for the SEPA on transit projects and developments in Kitsap County. This means that we adopt policies and procedures in accordance with SEPA regulations so that we can determine the environmental impact of our projects.

View Kitsap Transit SEPA Policy Board Resolution (pdf)

Wheaton Way Transit Center SEPA

SEPA Environmental Checklist (pdf)
Determination of Nonsignificance (pdf)


Seattle Fast Ferry Terminal Project

Kitsap Transit is exploring potential Seattle landing sites for existing and possible new Fast Ferry routes. Visit the project page to learn more.

Ferry Maintenance Facility Project

To meet the ongoing maintenance needs of its ferry fleet, Kitsap Transit is planning to construct a new ferry maintenance facility. Visit the project page to learn more.

Rich Passage Beach Monitoring 

The Rich Passage Wake Research project was designed to investigate the feasibility of fast-ferry service through Rich Passage.  Conducted over more than a decade and a half, the study involved extensive data collection, computerized wave and wake modeling, development and testing of a prototype low-wake vessel and ongoing monitoring of the effects of fast-ferry operations on the shorelines of Rich Passage. The research project has collected periodic measurements of beaches before and during operation of the low-wake optimized vessels. In January 2020 Kitsap Transit and its research project leader met with Rich Passage property owners to discuss the results of measurements taken between 2004 and 2019.

Ferry Maintenance Facility 

To meet the ongoing maintenance needs of its ferry fleet, Kitsap Transit is planning to construct a new ferry maintenance facility. Visit the project page to learn more.

Annapolis Ferry Dock Upgrade SEPA

Determination of Nonsignificance (pdf)
DCE Confirmation (pdf)
WCR-2018-10181 (pdf)

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