Fast Ferry FAQs


      Q: How do I pay to ride the Fast Ferry?

      A: You pay for your ride when you board the vessel: Tap an ORCA card pre-loaded with E-Purse, Kitsap Fast Ferries monthly pass, Puget Pass, or employer-issued ORCA cards. You may also put exact cash fare in the farebox. Passengers also can present a ticket they purchase from a vending machine located at the ferry dock. The vending machine accepts debit and credit cards (VISA or Mastercard). 

      Q: What does it cost to ride the Fast Ferry?

      A: A single-ride fare is $2 eastbound (to Seattle) and $10 westbound (from Seattle). The price of a monthly fast-ferry pass is $168, while a monthly combined bus/fast-ferry pass is $196. Seniors, disabled, youth and low-income who show a current reduced-fare permit pay half price.

      Q: Do you accept transfers from Kitsap Transit buses or the local foot ferries?

      A: Transfer credits apply only when ORCA e-purse is used for payment.

      Q: Is the Bremerton-Seattle schedule going to change or stay the same all year?

      A: In the summer, Kitsap Fast Ferries will run during peak commute hours Monday through Friday and throughout the day on Saturday. Starting on Oct. 1, Kitsap Fast Ferries will be commuter service only until May 1 of the following year. 

      Q: Do you accept the ORCA card?

      A: Yes, Kitsap Transit accepts ORCA cards.

      Q: How many bicycles does the fast ferry accommodate?

      A: Bicycles are welcome aboard on a first-come first-served basis. Crews will direct passengers on secure placement of their bikes in one of the exterior racks.

      Bremerton Fast Ferry: The current design holds 12 bike (each space with inside openings of 2.25"). The curent rack design makes it impossible to safely secure bikes with fenders, disc brakes, or balloon tires.

      Bicycles that do not fit safely in the bike rack will not be allowed on the vessel. If you would like to test the bike rack and see if your bicycle fits, you may do so using the bike testing rack located on the Bremerton Dock gangway. Chaining your bicycle to the rail of the vessel is prohibited. 

      Q: Can I pay my fare with Washington State Ferries (WSF) fare products?

      A: Kitsap Transit does not accept WSF fare products.

      Q: Can I bring a pet aboard?

      A: Service animals are eligible to ride all Kitsap Transit buses and vessels. Passengers traveling with a service animal are responsible for the animal and may be held liable for the behavior and actions of the animal. Pets and service animals, regardless of training or certification, may be denied transportation if the animal poses a direct threat to the health or safety of others. Small pets traveling with their owners are also allowed. However, your pet must be in a suitable carrier and may not exceed 25 pounds.

      Q: Is the Fast Ferry wheelchair accessible?

      A: Yes. There are elevators available to access the docks and a ramp to board the vessel. At the dock there is a ramp to board the fast ferry. The vessel can accommodate up to four mobility devices*.

      *Mobility Devices are defined by the ADA as "a manually-operated or power-driven device designed primarily for use by an individual with a mobility disability for the main purpose of indoor and outdoor locomotion." Other power-driven mobility devices (OPDMDs) will NOT be allowed aboard the passenger only Rich Passage 1 to maintain the safety of all passengers and crew members. OPDMDs (i.e,  ATVs, Segways, mopeds, scooters, golf carts) infringe upon safe operation due to strict weight limits enacted and enforced by the United States Coast Guard, the high volume of pedestrian traffic, the design and operational characteristics of the vessel (there is no available storage to secure such devices), and the substantial risk posed by combustion-engines containing flammable liquid fuel that is a marine pollutant.

      Q: Are strollers allowed on board the Fast Ferry?

      A: Yes! The crew can easily accommodate strollers on board.

      Q: Can I bring an electric bicycle aboard?

      A: No, electric bicycles are not permitted on the Rich Passage 1 because they introduce uncertainty to the weight ratios within which the vessel needs to operate.

      Q: Where are the schedules for the fast ferries sailing from Southworth to Seattle?

      A: Schedules will be developed once Kitsap Transit is closer to launch of this route. Fast-ferry service is slated to begin in 2020 for Southworth.

      Q: What is the seating capacity of your Fast Ferry?

      A: On the Bremerton route, Rich Passage 1, Lady Swift and Reliance each seats 118 passengers. On the Kingston route, Finest operates with a capacity of 240 passengers. 

      Q: If I buy a fast-ferry ticket and cannot get a seat, will Washington State Ferries honor my ticket?

      A: No. However, If Kitsap Transit’s vessel is not able to sail due to mechanical breakdown, Kitsap Transit will provide its monthly passholders with tickets on the next available WSF sailing. Single-ride tickets on Kitsap Transit’s fast ferry are valid through the expiration date on the ticket.

      Q: Does the Fast Ferry carry automobiles?

      A: No, the service transports passengers only, not automobiles. 

      Q: Why is there no service on Sundays?

      A: Just like Kitsap Transit’s buses, Kitsap Fast Ferries do not run on Sundays. We are currently reviewing bus ridership and evaluating the pros and cons of Sunday bus service.

      ___________FAST FERRY RESERVATIONS___________

      Q: How do I make a reservation?

      A: We accept reservations only on the Bremerton Fast Ferry. To get started, register an account at Kitsap Transit’s reservations page. You will need a valid ORCA card number and will enter in the appropriate field your last name, followed by the last five digits of your ORCA card number, no spaces. For details, see our presentation or watch our webinar.

      Once registered, you can book a single trip or a week's worth of trips in an order. You can also visit our customer service office or call our call center at (800) 501-RIDE for assistance. 

      Q: How do I cancel a reservation?

      A: Customers can cancel their fast-ferry reservations up to 30 minutes before a scheduled sailing, making these reservations available to other customers. Customers who have created accounts and made reservations online can log in and cancel online. Reservations that have been made through a customer service representative will need to be cancelled through a customer service representative. 

      Kitsap Transit has published step-by-step instructions on its website. Please visit the Fast Ferry Reservations page at KitsapTransit.com and see the fact sheet Last-Minute Booking/Cancellation of Reservations (May 17, 2019).

      Q: I am leery of cancelling reservations because your system may cancel the entire week's worth of bookings instead of the one trip I can't make. What am I supposed to do?

      A: You should not experience this problem as long as you follow the instructions mentioned above. If you still experience this problem, report it using our online form.

      Q: How do I know I have successfully cancelled my reservation?

      A: If you have successfully cancelled a trip, you will see different types of outcomes on the Order History depending on the situation (screenshots below):

      • If you click the Cancel Order graphic, your Order History will show the Order as “Voided” in a red box. The order detail also will show “Voided” in a red box, along with the Cancel Tickets and Cancel Order buttons. At this point, you do not need to click them again.
      • If you click the Cancel Ticket graphic, your Order History will show the Order as “Active” in a green box.
        • If your order consisted of a single sailing, the order detail will show “Fully Paid” in a green box.
        • If your order consisted of multiple sailings and you only cancelled a reservation for one sailing, the order detail will still show “Amount Owing” and the remaining sailings for which you still have active reservations.

      We recognize that the feedback the system provides the user after cancelling a ticket is not ideal and are working with the vendor to explore alternatives.


      Order History Summary:

      Voided Reservation Example showing Order number and time

      After you click on the Order, the Order Detail will be displayed. We’ve added commentary in black:

      Successfully cancelled ticket page example


      Order History Summary:

      Single-Sailing Order Detail

      Order Detail:

      The reservation for the Wednesday sailing was cancelled successfully.

      Single-Sailing-successfully canceled


      Order History Summary:

      The summary shows the FIRST sailing in the reservation order. In this case, all of the 3:15 pm sailings were reserved for the week of October 14. The user cancelled his reservation for the 3:15pm sailing on Monday of the week.

      Example of active order and departure times

      Order Detail:

      The reservation for the Monday sailing (10/14) was cancelled successfully; it is no longer listed. The reservations for the rest of the week are still active. We’ve added commentary in black:

      Multiple sailings canceled order example

      Q: I am trying to cancel my trip and have followed your instructions, but the system does not display a Cancel button on my screen. What's going on and what can I do?

      A: Our reservation system will not display a Cancel button if you are trying to cancel your reservation less than 30 minutes before the time listed in the sailing schedule. Instead you will see a graphic that says “Amount Owing” (see example below). This graphic reflects the reservation system’s original design for taking payment upfront for dinner-cruise reservations. Kitsap Transit does not collect payment for reservations.


      Unable to cancel reservation example


      Q: Why is Kitsap Transit sending out these "no-show" notices?

      A: We want our customers to be aware that our records show they have a high number of unredeemed reservations (“no-shows”) so that they start to change their behavior, such as not booking for two seats when they need only one and cancelling bookings for sailings they know ahead of time they won’t use. The average no-show rate for August sailings was 48 percent. This is a very high rate of unredeemed reservations and undermines the goal of having a reservation system to manage demand.

      Q: How did Kitsap Transit define a "high" number of no-shows?

      A: In reviewing no-shows from June through August, Kitsap Transit set thresholds to focus on those customers who reserved 30 or more seats and had 10 or more no-shows during the period. There were 360 customers who met this criteria, with a median no-show rate of 54 percent (half had a higher rate, half had a lower rate).

      Q: I'm late on occasion. What's the big deal?

      A: Chronic no-shows are bad for everyone: It’s bad for customers who need the certainty of a reservation but can’t get one and must make other travel arrangements. It’s bad for customers who follow the rules and don’t want to pay a convenience fee, if one is implemented to reduce the no-show rate. And it’s bad for taxpayers if the vessels leave the dock at less than full capacity on a route where we know demand exceeds capacity.

      Q: I want to report issues I am having trying to cancel my reservation. How do I do that?

      A: Kitsap Transit has set up a web form in which customers can report technical issues with cancelling their reservations; this information will be shared with the reservation-system vendor for the purpose of detecting potential systemwide issues and addressing them. The form can be accessed by clicking here.

      Q: When does the reservation window open?

      A: At 9 AM Pacific on the first business day of the month. Here is the reservation calendar through the beginning of 2020.

      For sailings in

      Reservations open

      January 2019

      Mon., Dec. 3

      February 2019

      Wed., Jan. 2

      March 2019

      Fri., Feb. 1

      April 2019

      Fri., March 1

      May 2019

      Mon., April 1

      June 2019

      Wed., May 1

      July 2019

      Mon., June 3

      August 2019

      Mon., July 1

      September 2019

      Thur., Aug. 1

      October 2019

      Tues., Sept. 3

      November 2019

      Tues., Oct. 1

      December 2019

      Fri., Nov. 1

      January 2020

      Mon., Dec. 2


      Q: What if I have a monthly pass but am unable to reserve seats on any sailings?

      A: Due to the anticipated demand for seats, Kitsap Transit recommends that commuters first reserve their block of seats for the month before buying a monthly Kitsap Transit Fast Ferry pass.

      Q: Can I make a reservation for a specific sailing time on multiple days?

      A: Yes, you can reserve a spot on one eastbound trip and one westbound trip each day for the current month and succeeding calendar month.

      Q: The reservation system requires part of an ORCA number. Can I use my U-PASS number?

      A: Yes. You'll enter your last name, followed by the last five digits of the U-PASS number, no spaces. 

      Q: Are reservations available on all sailings?

      A: Initially, reservations will be taken only for peak-commute period trips Monday through Friday. As demand grows, Kitsap Transit will consider allowing reservations on additional sailings.

      Q: How early do I need to arrive at the dock to redeem a reservation?

      A: Customers with reservations must be in the reservation line at least 10 minutes before scheduled sailing time. Reserved seats that have not been redeemed will be released to passengers in the walk-up line 10 minutes before scheduled sailing time.

      Q: Do I pay my fare when I reserve my seat?

      A: No payment is required at the time of reservation.

      Q: How many seats are available to walk-up passengers?

      A: The Bremerton Fast Ferry accommodates 118 passengers. Eighty-eight of those seats will be open for reservations. The remaining 30 seats will be for walk-up passengers.


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