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Kitsap Transit Tracker App

Kitsap Transit Tracker

For desktop, laptop and mobile devices

Find Your Ride: Computer  |  iPhone  |  Android

The Kitsap Transit Tracker by DoubleMap enables riders to track our bus and ferry arrivals in real time and see any routes that are operating at the moment. 

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Transit GO App

Transit GO Ticket

For Android & iPhone

Get Your Ticket Now: iPhone  |  Android

Transit GO Ticket allows you to buy tickets to ride public transportation with a credit card. Buy tickets in advance to use when you’re ready.  

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BI Ride Pingo App

Ride Pingo

 A mobile app for getting around Bainbridge Island

Find Your Ride: iPhone  |  Android

With the Ride Pingo app, you can book, track and pay for a shared ride on our BI Ride service. No need to walk to a bus stop.  

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Tap Ride App


A mobile app for getting around South Kitsap and Kingston

Find Your Ride:  iPhone  |  Android

Open the app, select ‘Kitsap’ and register your phone number. Click on the map or enter an address to select the location of your pick-up or drop-off. The app will display an estimated pick-up time.  ​​



Apple Maps

For iPhone

Public transit information for buses, trains, and ferries.

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Google Maps

For Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, desktop, laptop and mobile web

Find the best places in town and the information you need to get there. 



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