Commute Trip Reduction

Commute Trip Reduction

The Washington State Legislature passed the Commute Trip Reduction (CTR) Law in 1991, calling on employers to help reduce carbon emissions and ease traffic on the busiest commute routes by encouraging their workers to drive alone less often. Kitsap County and the cities within nominated Kitsap Transit to oversee and administer the program.

In 2006, legislators passed the CTR Efficiency Act, which requires local governments in urban areas with traffic congestion to develop programs that reduce drive-alone trips and vehicle miles traveled per capita.

For two decades, CTR has proven an effective tool for easing congestion and operating our transportation system efficiently. By encouraging people to ride Transit, carpool, walk, bike, work from home or compress their work week, CTR makes transportation better for the entire state.

CTR targets workplaces with 100 or more full-time employees in the most congested areas of the state. Employers develop and manage their own programs based on locally adopted goals for reducing vehicle trips and miles traveled. Affected CTR worksites are required to have an Employee Transportation Coordinator (ETC) on site to encourage rideshare and administrate the employer’s CTR Program.

Kitsap County has 27 CTR sites that are actively reducing congestion, air pollution and fuel consumption within Kitsap County. With both Kitsap population and fuel prices on the rise, the importance of the CTR Program has greatly increased. To see if your employer is affected by the CTR Efficiency Act, refer to the List of Employee Transportation Coordinators.

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