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ACCESS Operations-Charleston Base
ACCESS Customer Service-Charleston Base
Customer Service
Facilities Manager-Charleston Base
Human Resources-Harborside
Inventory Control-Charleston Base
Marine Services-Harborside
Routed Operations
Service & Capital Development-Harborside
Vehicle & Facilities Maintenance Administration-Harborside
Vehicle Maintenance Shop-Charleston Base
Worker/Driver Program-Charleston Base
Kitsap Transit Board Members
Citizens' Advisory Committee

Executive- Harborside

Name Position Phone Email
John Clauson Executive Director 360-478-6223 JohnC@Kitsaptransit.com
Charlotte Sampson Executive Assistant/Deputy Clerk 360-478-5494 CharlotteSa@Kitsaptransit.com
Stephanie Milne-Lane Clerk of the Board/Public Records Officer 360-478-6230 Stephanieml@Kitsaptransit.com

ACCESS Operations- Charleston Base

Name Position Phone Email
Michael Bozarth Director of Operations 360-478-5491 MichaelB@Kitsaptransit.com
Alene Evans Supervisor 360-373-7632 AleneE@Kitsaptransit.com
Bill Deam Scheduler/Dispatcher 360-479-7272 BillD@Kitsaptransit.com
Casey White Scheduler/Dispatcher 360-479-7272 CaseyW@Kitsaptransit.com
Connie Mathis Scheduler/Dispather 360-479-7272 ConnieM@Kitsaptransit.com
Dan Sirotzki Scheduler/Dispatcher 360-479-7272 Dans@Kitsaptransit.com
Jeff Vinecourt Manager 360-478-2008 JeffV@Kitsaptransit.com
Karl Farnsworth ACCESS Service Coordinator 360-824-4935 KarlF@Kitsaptransit.com
Kimberly Ruiz Operations Coordinator 360-824-4938 KimberlyR@Kitsaptransit.com
Laurie Federico-Hoene ADA Eligibility Coordinator 360-478-6914 LaurieFH@Kitsaptransit.com
Lisa Davidson Scheduler/Dispatcher 360-479-7272 LisaD@Kitsaptransit.com
Kathleen Gregory Scheduler/Dispatcher 360-479-7272 KathleenG@Kitsaptransit.com
Mike Hoene Scheduler/Dispatcher 360-479-7272 MikeH@Kitsaptransit.com
Paul Hinds Scheduler/Dispatcher 360-479-7272 PaulH@Kitsaptransit.com
Paula Bayne Supervisor 360-824-4932 PaulaBa@Kitsaptransit.com
Penney Jabon Administrative Associate 360-475-6882 PenneyJ@KitsapTransit.com
Shilley Owens Administrative Associate 360-824-4906 ShilleyO@Kitsaptransit.com
Sierra Cagle Supervisor 360-478-6915 SierraC@KitsapTransit.com
Sonya Jorgensen Operations Technical Specialist 360-824-4939 SonyaJ@KitsapTransit.com
Zeidi Austin Supervisor 360-479-8747 ZeidiA@Kitsaptransit.com

ACCESS Customer Service- Charleston Base

Name Position Phone Email
Annie Chatman Customer Service Specialist 360-479-7272 AnnieC@Kitsaptransit.com
Connie Foust Customer Service Lead 360-479-7272 ConnieF@Kitsaptransit.com
Mary Lynn Howard Customer Service Specialist 360-479-7272 MaryLynnH@Kitsaptransit.com
Ron Aflleje Customer Service Specialist 360-479-7272 RonA@Kitsaptransit.com
Theresa Mezzano Customer Service Specialist 360-479-7272 TheresaM@Kitsaptransit.com
Wendy Anderson Customer Service Specialist 360-479-7272 WendyD@Kitsaptransit.com

Customer Service

Name Position Phone Email
Michelle Jayroe Customer Service Manager 360-475-0824 MichelleJ@KitsapTransit.com
Customer Service General 360-377-2877 or 1-800-501-7433 Kitsapride@Kitsaptransit.com
Rideshare General 360-377-2877 Rideshare@Kitsaptransit.com
Cindy Jenkins Customer Service Specialist 360-377-2877 CindyJ@Kitsaptransit.com
Effie Blamey Customer Service Specialist 360-377-2877 EffieB@Kitsaptransit.com
Kevin Collins Customer Service Specialist 360-377-2877 KevinC@Kitsaptransit.com
Kristan Rich Customer Service Specialist 360-377-2877 KristanR@Kitsaptransit.com
Leslie Tuemler Customer Service Administrative Associate 360-824-4930 LeslieT@Kitsaptransit.com
Michael Maria Customer Service Specialist 360-377-2877 MichaelM@Kitsaptransit.com
Skye Beamenderfer Customer Service Specialist 360-377-2877 SkyeB@Kitsaptransit.com

Facilities Maintenance- Charleston Base

Name Position Phone Email
Robbie Robbinson Facilities Maintenance Supervisor 360-824-4901 Robbier@Kitsaptransit.com
Jodi Blackmore Administrative Associate 360-824-4942 JodiB@Kitsaptransit.com

Finance- Harborside

Name Position Phone Email
Paul Shinners Finance Director 360-824-4908 PaulS@Kitsaptransit.com
Alisa Buckingham Accounting Specialist 360-478-6234 AlisaB@Kitsaptransit.com
Amy Hamlett Payroll Specialist 360-478-5857 AmyH@Kitsaptransit.com
Annette Balera Purchasing Specialist 360-478-6220 AnnetteB@Kitsaptransit.com
Aurora Manzano Payroll Specialist 360-473-1124 AuroraM@Kitsaptransti.com
Brian Rojo Accounting Supervisor 360-824-4903 BrianR@Kitsaptransit.com
Christine Nelson Accounting Specialist 360-478-6237 ChristineN@Kitsaptransit.com
Patrick Rogers Purchasing Coordinator 360-479-6960 PatrickR@Kitsaptransit.com
Susan Beisley Accounting Specialist 360-478-7094 SusanB@Kitsaptransit.com
Wendy Sorensen Payroll Supervisor 360-478-5855 WendyS@Kitsaptransit.com

Human Resources- Harborside

Name Position Phone Email
Mary Pauly Human Resources Director MaryP@Kitsaptransit.com
Angela Moreno Benefits Coordinator 360-478-5865 AngelaM@Kitsaptransit.com
Dustin Rodrigues Safety & Security Training Administrator 360-475-6894 DustinR@Kitsaptransit.com
Jackie Blunk Administrative Associate 360-478-0275 JacquelynB@KitsapTransit.com
Libby Kuehl Training Specialist 360-478-5493 LibbyK@Kitsaptransit.com
Marianne Rajan Human Resources Manager 360-478-5852 MarianneR@Kitsaptransit.com
Marisol Castro Human Resources Associate/Drug & Alcohol Program Manager 360-475-0211 MarisolC@Kitsaptransit.com
Penney Jabon HR Associate 360-475-6882 PenneyJ@Kitsaptransit.com

Inventory Control- Charleston Base

Name Position Phone Email
Karen Ellsworth Supervisor 360-478-6226 KarenE@KitsapTransit.com

Marine Services- Harborside

Name Position Phone Email
Raymond Scott Marine Services Director 360-377-2838 RaymondS@Kitsaptransit.com
John Rogers Port Captain 360-865-0057 JohnR@Kitsaptransit.com
Andrea Carey Marine Services Operations & Maintenance Manager 360-979-6103 AndreaC@Kitsaptransit.com
Lisa Duenas Marine Services Supervisor 360-824-4923 LisaDu@Kitsaptransit.com
Chris Morrison Inventory Control 360-865-0271 ChrisM@Kitsaptransit.com

Marketing- Harborside

Name Position Phone Email
Sanjay Bhatt Marketing & Public Information Director 360-824-4926 SanjayB@Kitsaptransit.com
Jeremiah Holcomb Marketing & Public Information Coordinator 360-478-6225 JeremiahH@Kitsaptransit.com
Christian Vosler Public Information Coordinator 360-824-4927 ChristianV@KitsapTransit.com
Vacant Marketing & Public Information Associate

Operations- General 

Name Position Phone Email
Michael Bozarth Director of Operations 360-478-5491 MichaelB@Kitsaptransit.com
Juanita Cissney Administrative Associate 360-824-4910 JuanitaC@Kitsaptransit.com
Dan Sirotzki ESMS Coordinator 360-473-1123 DanS@Kitsaptransit.com

Routed Operations- Charleston Base

Name Position Phone Email
Michael Bozarth Director of Operations 360-478-5491 MichaelB@Kitsaptransit.com
Barbara Baldridge Administrative Associate 360-479-6966 BarbaraB@Kitsaptransit.com
Ben Wright Supervisor 360-479-6966 Benw@Kitsaptransit.com
Bob Macero Supervisor 360-479-6966 BobM@Kitsaptransit.com
Cal Blackmore Routed Window Dispatcher 360-479-6966 CalBl@Kitsaptransit.com
Cat Lopez-Wolcott Administrative Associate 360-479-6966 CatherineLW@kitsaptransit.com
Cheryl Knapp Routed Window Dispatcher 360-479-6966 CherylK@Kitsaptransit.com
Dominick Loiacano Supervisor 360-479-6966 DominickL@Kitsaptransit.com
Eric Milyard Routed Window Dispatcher 360-479-6966 EricM@Kitsaptransit.com
Irv Stahlnecker Supervisor 360-479-6966 IrvS@Kitsaptransit.com
Kathryn Jordan Manager 360-479-6966 KathrynJ@Kitsaptransit.com
Kimberly Ruiz Operations Coordinator 360-824-4938 KimberlyR@kitsaptransit.com
Mike Prothero Supervisor 360-479-6966 MikeP@Kitsaptransit.com
Michael Royds Routed Window Dispatcher 360-479-6966 MichaelR@Kitsaptransit.com
Russ Scheuffele Routed Window Dispatcher 360-479-6966 RussS@kitsaptransit.com
Sally Bryan Supervisor 360-479-6966 SallyB@Kitsaptransit.com

Service & Capital Development- Harborside

Name Position Phone Email
Steffani Lillie Service & Capital Development Director 360-478-6931 SteffaniL@Kitsaptransit.com
Administrative Associate - Ser. Dev. 360-824-4907
Dee Williams VanLink Coordinator 360-373-2586 DeeW@Kitsaptransit.com
Denise Moyle Smart Card Project Coordinator 360-824-4904 DeniseM@Kitsaptransit.com
Don Orton Info. Tech. Administrator 360-824-4922 DonO@Kitsaptransit.com
Edward Coviello Transportation & Land Use Planner 360-824-4919 EdwardC@Kitsaptransit.com
Jeff Davidson Grants & Compliance Coordinator 360-824-4941 JeffDa@Kitsaptransit.com
Kelly Houck Capital Administrative Associate 360-824-4905 KellyH@Kitsaptransit.com
Kevin Futrell Transit Planner 360-478-6224 KevinF@Kitsaptransit.com
Lindsay Cook Project Coordinator 360-479-6961 LindsayC@Kitsaptransit.com
Lindsay Kuiphoff Commute Trip Reduction Administrator 360-824-4948 LindsayK@KitsapTransit.com
Marilyn James Administrative Associate 360-377-8230 MarilynJ@Kitsaptransit.com
Scott Rider Info. Tech. Administrator 360-824-4921 ScottR@Kitsaptransit.com
Tommy Fernandez Vanpool Coordinator 360-478-5858 TommyF@Kitsaptransit.com
Becca Robrahn Administrative Associate - Receptionist 360-479-6962 BeccaR@Kitsaptransit.com

Vehicle & Facilities Maintenance Administration- Harborside

Name Position Phone Email
Dennis Griffey Vehicle & Facilities Maintenance Director 360-478-6229 DennisG@Kitsaptransit.com
Denise Lynch Administrative Associate 360-478-0173 DeniseL@Kitsaptransit.com

Vehicle Maintenance Shop- Charleston Base

Name Position Phone Email
Vacant Vehicle Maintenance Manager 360-824-4911
Bill Kirk Vehicle Maintenance Supervisor 360-478-6221 BillK@Kitsaptransit.com
Bill Rich Vehicle Maintenance Supervisor 360-478-6221 BillR@KitsapTransit.com
Howard Sims Vehicle Maintenance Supervisor 360-478-6221 HowardS@Kitsaptransit.com
Paul Field Vehicle Maintenance Supervisor 360-478-6221 PaulF@Kitsaptransit.com

Worker/Driver Program- Charleston Base

Name Position Phone Email
Cyndi Griffey Worker/Driver Supervisor 360-478-6222 CyndiG@Kitsaptransit.com

Kitsap Transit Board Members

The Kitsap Transit Board meets at 8:30AM on the 1st Tuesday of each month at the Norm Dicks Government Center and the 3rd Tuesday of each month at Kitsap Transit's Main Office.

Name Office Held Phone Addresses
Anna Mockler
(Term Exp: 12/31/2023)
Councilmember, City of Bremerton 360-473-5280 345 6th Street, Suite 100
Bremerton, WA 98337

Becky Erickson, Vice Chair
(Term Exp: 12/31/2025)

Mayor, City of Poulsbo

360-779-3901 200 NE Moe Street
Poulsbo, WA 98370

Charlotte Garrido
(Term Exp: 12/31/2024)

Kitsap County Commissioner (South) 360-337-7080 614 Division Street, MS-4
Port Orchard, WA 98366

Robert Gelder
(Term Exp: 12/31/2024)

Kitsap County Commissioner (North)
360-337-7080 614 Division Street, MS-4 
Port Orchard, WA 98366

Joe Deets
(Term Exp: 12/31/2025)

Mayor, City of Bainbridge Island 206-512-7155 280 Madison Avenue N
Bainbridge Island, WA 98110 

Robert Putaansuu
(Term Exp: 12/31/2023)

Mayor, City of Port Orchard 360-876-4407 216 Prospect Street
Port Orchard, WA 98366

Leslie Schneider, At-Large
(Term Exp: 12/31/2023)

Councilmember, City of Bainbridge Island 206-200-4502 280 Madison Avenue N
Bainbridge Island, WA 98110

Greg Wheeler
(Term Exp: 12/31/2025)

Mayor, City of Bremerton 360-473-5266 345 6th Street, Suite 100
Bremerton, WA 98337 

Edward E. Wolfe, Chair
(Term Exp: 12/31/2022)

Kitsap County Commissioner (Central) 360-337-7080 614 Division Street, MS-4 
Port Orchard, WA 98366
Robert Driskell, Non-Voting Member
Term ending 12/31/2022
Teamsters 589
360-613-4062 10049 Kitsap Mall Blvd. NW, Suite 105
Silverdale, WA 98383

Citizens' Advisory Committee

Name Representing
Vacant Silverdale
Daniel Walkup East Bremerton
David Kerr PSNS/IMF
Don Palmer South Kitsap
Erika Shriner Bainbridge Island
James "JR" Kinnison Peninsula Council for the Blind
Ken Longrier Port Orchard - WSF Commuter
Patricia Bradley Silverdale
Rex Nelson South Kitsap
Robert Dollar Puget Sound Naval Shipyard, Retired
Robert Roach Bremerton
Russ Holloway Puget Sound Naval Shipyard, Retired
Tecla Legge North Kitsap
Vacant Olympic College

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