Notice of Proposed Changes to Fare Policy

The Kitsap Transit Board of Commissioners will hold a public hearing on Tuesday, July 5, 2022, and vote on proposed changes to Kitsap Transit's fare policy that, if approved, will be effective September 1, 2022:

  • Special Fare Programs -- Youth: Persons age six (6) through age eighteen (18) can ride free of charge. 
  • Vanpool Fare Structure -- Monthly vanpool fares will be per rider, range-bound and in four tiers based on daily round trip miles. The Board will consider three proposals for the new vanpool fare structure. 

To learn more, click on the links below:

Public Meetings - CLICK HERE for meeting login

Submit a Public Comment - CLICK HERE

Kitsap Transit is accepting Public Comment from Saturday, June 4, through Monday, July 4. The public may also provide comment at the public hearing on Tuesday, July 5.

Routed Buses & Local Foot Ferries

One-Way Cash KT Monthly Pass PugetPass Regional Day Pass
Full Fare $2.00 $50.00 $72.00 $8.00
Reduced Fare $1.00 $25.00 $36.00 $4.00

Fast Ferries

One-Way Cash Kitsap Transit Monthly Trip Passes PugetPass
Eastbound Westbound Fast Ferry Only Bus & Fast Ferry Eastbound Only Eastbound & Westbound
Full Fare $2.00 $10.00 $168.00 $196.00 $72.00 $360.00
Reduced Fare $1.00 $5.00 $84.00 $98.00 $36.00 $180.00

Notes: One-way fares are payable with exact cash, tokens or ORCA card E-purse. Bus operators and ferry crew do not give change. Tokens are not accepted on Kitsap Transit Fast Ferries. Reduced Fare riders must be pre-qualified and show a Regional Reduced Fare Permit Card.

Reduced Fare: To qualify for a reduced fare, customers must show a valid Medicare Card or a Regional Reduced Fare Permit (RRFP) or be pre-qualified at a customer service center. RRFP's are available from customer service and allow qualified senior and disabled to ride for the posted reduced fare rate on various public transit system throughout the Puget Sound Region. Low income and youth passengers must show eligibility to obtain an ORCA card that qualifies them for reduced fares. To receive your reduced fare discount you must pay your fare with a pass or E-purse loaded onto your card. You will not receive a discount by simply showing the card to the operator. Paying your reduced fare from E-purse entitles you to a free 2-hour transfer. Please note the following restrictions: Low income passengers must pre-qualify and pay with the ORCA card issued upon eligibility verification and the Regional Day Pass is only available to RRFP holders.

A KT Monthly Pass loaded on an ORCA card is valid for unlimited rides for the month of issue for only those services covered by the pass. Kitsap Transit offers three types of monthly passes: a monthly pass for service on routed buses and local foot ferries; a monthly pass for service on fast ferries; and a monthly pass for service on routed buses, local foot ferries and fast ferries. Riders qualifying for reduced fare are eligible to purchase a reduced-fare pass.

A PugetPass loaded on an ORCA card is valid for the trip value on Kitsap Transit, Pierce Transit, Community Transit, King County Metro, Sound Transit and Everett Transit. Additional trip values from $0.50 to $5.75 and $10.00 are available.

Employer Benefits: Your employer may offer you a ORCA Business Account Pass. Please contact your employer to determine what benefits are included in your pass. 

A Regional Day Pass loaded on an ORCA card is valid on Kitsap Transit, Pierce Transit, Community Transit, King County Metro, Sound Transit and Everett Transit. The pass is valid from its first use through the end of the same service day. The adult (full-fare) pass is valid for trip values up to and including $3.50. The reduced fare pass is valid for trip values up to and including $1.75. The Regional Day Pass is NOT valid on Kitsap Transit Fast Ferries, Washington State Ferries, or King County Metro Access.

Mobile - Transit GO Ticket: Download the Transit GO Ticket mobile app to quickly buy bus, local foot ferry, and fast ferry tickets on your smartphone. Get where you need to go without having to pay cash, for more information visit kitsaptransit.com/go. Due to the different fares for Kitsap Transit ACCESS and Worker/Driver buses, the Transit GO Ticket is not accepted on these services.   

ORCA and Paper Transfers: ORCA Transfers - Riders paying fare with E-purse loaded on an ORCA card will receive a free two-hour transfer good at any location in any direction of travel. Paper Transfers - Riders paying with cash can request a paper transfer. Paper transfers are valid at transfer centers & points only for the next connecting bus or local foot ferry. Paper transfers are NOT valid on Kitsap Transit Fast Ferries.


One-Way Kitsap Transit Monthly Pass
ACCESS Fare $2.00 $25.00
Surcharge in Outlying Areas +$1.00 +1.00 per ride

Notes: The additional $1.00 outlying areas fee is charged on trips that start or end outside of the Kitsap Transit ACCESS service area.

One-way fares are payable with cash or tokens.

Reduced Cash Fare is not available on ACCESS service.


One-Way  Monthly Pass
Regular Fare $3.00 $97.00

Notes: The Worker/Driver monthly pass is valid on Kitsap Transit Worker/Driver and routed buses, the local foot ferries and ACCESS (eligible riders).

Reduced Fare is not available on Worker/Driver service.

Annapolis Ferry Terminal Parking

Daily Monthly Permit
Parking Rate $5.00 $80.00

Notes: Monthly parking permits available for $80. Contact Kitsap Transit Customer Service at 1.800.501.7433 to purchase a monthly permit.

Rate applies to any vehicle parking in this lot, 24-hours a day, Monday–Saturday, except on holidays when Kitsap Transit buses or ferry do not serve this lot. Parking is only permitted for one 24-hour period; multiple-day parking is not allowed.

You can pay your daily parking fare at Annapolis with:

Credit Card (at kiosk under shelter)

Call-to-Park* (Location #201551)

  • Download the Call-To-Park App on your smartphone
  • Create an account online at CallToPark.com
  • Call 1.888.767.9037 to pay by phone

*A $0.30 convenience fee will be applied to each transaction.

Other Passes 

Kitsap Transit sells Mason Transit passes at the Customer Service Office located in the Bremerton Transportation Center.

Free Riders 

  • Personal Care Attendant (PCA) - Attendant traveling with eligible disabled customer -- free of charge. (Bremerton Fast Ferry PCA travelers should contact Customer Service at 800.501.7433 to make travel arrangements for themselves and the disabled customer. There are limited seats on the Bremerton Fast Ferries.)
  • Child - Up to four (4) children, age five (5) or under, accompanied by a fare-paying, responsible individual -- free of charge. 
  • Public Safety Officer - Any of the region's law enforcement personnel and firefighters in or out of uniform, on or off duty, and inside or outside of their jurisdiction -- free of charge with identification available to show driver or deckhand.

Transfer Policy

ORCA card users who pay their regular or reduced fare from E-purse are entitled to a free 2-hour transfer.  ORCA transfers are good in any direction of travel at any location.  Transfers are free between Kitsap Transit vehicles.  When transferring to a Pierce, Metro, Community, Sound or Everett Transit vehicle within 2 hours, riders will be given credit for the fare paid, paying only the difference in fares.

Riders paying with cash can request a paper transfer. Paper transfers are valid at transfer centers & points only for the next connecting bus or local foot ferry. Paper transfers are NOT valid on Kitsap Transit Fast Ferries.

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