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Updated April 7, 2020:

Kitsap Transit's Worker/Driver Program as well as PSNS & IMF staffing have been severely impacted by COVID-19 concerns.

To mitigate the lack of drivers and extreme passenger reductions we will temporarily operate the following routes instead of most of the standard Worker/Driver routes.

To keep social distancing standards only 22 people will be able to ride each bus. 

The currently operating routes are listed below:

Updated 4/7/2020 7:50 AM

South Kitsap

Central Kitsap

North Kitsap

Early South Central Valley - resumes 4/6/2020 Early North
South Park & Ride 1 Central East 1 North Park & Ride 1
South Park & Ride 2 - time change 4/1/2020 Central East 2 North Park & Ride 2
South Park & Ride 3 Central West 1 North Park & Ride 3 - change begins 4/6/2020
South Park & Ride 4 Central West 2  Suquamish - resumes 4/1/2020
South Park & Ride 5 Olympic Fjord - resumes 4/6/2020  
Bangor South Tracyton - resumes 4/6/2020  
Parkwood - resumes 4/6/2020 Woodmere - resumes 4/7/2020  


Click here to View Worker/Driver Rider Alerts  Not receiving Alerts for Worker/Driver? Please check your alert profile by clicking Subcribe to Rider Alerts. Text alerts come from number 468311. This is the same number that Kitsap County notices come from. Please make sure the number is added to your safe numbers.


Ride a Kitsap Transit Worker/Driver bus to work at PSNS or SubBase Bangor and save gas money, the hassle of parking and your time.  It’s easy, FREE for federal workers with TIP benefits and it’s a fun ride to work.

Click here for the Worker/Driver-PSNS System Map 

Click here to view the Worker/Driver Extreme Weather Service page to check the status of Worker/Driver buses.




To PSNS from South Kitsap To PSNS from Central Kitsap To PSNS from North Kitsap To Bangor

Early South 


Camp Union

Early North - Updated 1/6/2020

South Kitsap 

Burley Bus 

Central Valley Loop 




Chico Run 

North End Express - Not operating currently


Horseshoe Lake


Port Gamble 


Long Lake Days




Manchester Beach

Island Lake 

Viking Express 


Mile Hill Express 

Olympic Fjord 




Parkwood East 



Ridge Runner 











Sidney Woods






Tremont Express - Not operating currently

Interested in making a little extra money and learning a valuable skill? Become a Worker/Driver and make money while commuting to and from work driving a Worker/Driver bus! Please contact Cyndi Griffey at 360.478.6222 or cyndig@kitsaptransit.com

System Map

Worker/Driver System Map zoom pic

No. 12

The Call Center

They help me find a way from Point A to Point B.

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