How to Read a Kitsap Transit Schedule

How do I read your schedules?

All of our routed bus schedules read from left to right, as the bus travels. Across the top of each schedule is a list of places along that route that the bus will pass by and the times the bus is due at that point. These are called timepoints. The list of timepoints are there to help you judge when to expect the bus to come by your stop. The locations of those timepoints are also shown on the schedule’s route map. By checking the timepoint just before the stop where you want to catch the bus, you can determine when to be at your bus stop. Three dashes (- - -) indicate that the bus doesn’t serve that timepoint on that trip. Still need help?  Call or email us and we’ll be happy to help you!

Friendly Drivers

Kitsap Transit drivers are friendly and willing to help. If you have any questions, ask your driver. Remember, your driver must place safety before conversation. It is best to ask your questions when the bus is not moving. You may also call our Customer Service Office at 1-800-501-7433 with your schedule questions.

Trips Involving More Than One Route

Sometimes to get to your destination you will need to switch from one route to another. A Kitsap Transit routed bus pass offers you unlimited rides on any Kitsap Transit routed bus or the Foot Ferry for the month of issue. Simply tap your ORCA card with your pass loaded on each vehicle you ride. ORCA card users who pay their regular or reduced fare from E-purse are entitled to a free 2-hour transfer. ORCA transfers are good in any direction of travel at any location. Transfers are free between Kitsap Transit vehicles. When transferring to a Pierce, Metro, Community, Sound or Everett Transit vehicle within two hours, riders will be given credit for the fare paid, paying only the difference in fares.  Riders paying with cash can request a paper transfer. Paper transfers are valid at transfer centers & points only for the next connecting bus or foot ferry.  Ask for your transfer when you pay your fare. 

The easy way to plan your trip is to ask for help! Call our Customer Service Office at 1-800-501-7433.

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