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Downtown Port Orchard transit services include ferry and bus routes that intersect adjacent to the Port Orchard Library at Sidney Avenue. This transfer point is challenged by limited space for passengers and bus operations. Kitsap Transit is preparing to expand the Transit Center in downtown Port Orchard to increase bus capacity, provide increased capacity for passengers, improve rider and driver amenities, and provide safer traffic patterns.

A study has been initiated to align plans for the Port Orchard Transit Center expansion with the Downtown Port Orchard Subarea Plan to support sustainable growth and livability in the downtown area. The study will identify a new transit center site that will better integrate routed bus travel with biking and walking and maintain or improve rider access to ferry terminals between downtown Port Orchard and Bremerton.

The study objectives include:

  • Linking to employment, cultural, healthcare, and retail destinations
  • Accommodate the long-term operation of Kitsap Transit routed service
  • Improve access to jobs and housing opportunities in regional growth centers
  • Expand mobility options for minority and low-income populations

Need for Port Orchard Transit Center Expansion

Kitsap Transit buses are currently using the very limited space outside of the Port Orchard (Kitsap Regional) Library to load and unload passengers. The current site is small and lacks the amenities necessary for long-term transit system growth.

The Library site is the second busiest transfer point for Kitsap Transit’s routed bus and ferry operations (Downtown Bremerton Transportation Center is busiest). Recent growth in the area highlights the need for a transit center which could better serve multimodal transit riders, transit operators (both ferry and bus), community members, and ADA passengers.

Traffic congestion is projected to worsen for Kitsap County in the coming years. Kitsap County is expected to grow by approximately 100,000 residents and 57,000 jobs over the next thirty years. Much of this growth will be concentrated in the dense downtown areas of Port Orchard and Bremerton. The Kitsap peninsula is known for traffic challenges due to limited availability of highway space and geography that concentrates travel to those highways. The projected increase in population will compound the need for traffic reduction efforts such as transit usage.

  • The Port Orchard Transit Center expansion aims to minimize the effects of increased traffic on our local downtown communities, support multimodal transportation systems, and increase convenience for ridership. 

Map of Bremerton Port Orchard and Annapolis Ferry Routes

Kitsap Transit Local Foot Ferry Route Map (above)

Project Documents

Site Selection Survey

Project Contact 
Edward Coviello
Transportation & Land Use Planner

Kitsap Transit
60 Washington Ave., Ste 200
Bremerton, WA 98337
Phone: (360) 824-4919
Email: EdwardC@kitsaptransit.com

Locating a Transit Center

Picking a site that addresses Kitsap Transit’s needs and expectations is a critical component to project success. Future development plans for the subject area outlined in the Downtown Port Orchard Subarea Plan along with Kitsap Transit’s Long Range Transit Plan will help guide project decision-making. This study considers traffic and travel needs, available and coming available land plots, and proximity to key destinations to assemble site options.

Key Considerations Relative to Transit Center Siting Study

  • Port Orchard Transit Center located within ¼ mile of existing Port Orchard Foot Ferry Dock
  • New Port Orchard Community Events Center (POCEC) to open at the former Kitsap Bank site
  • Existing Kitsap Regional Library, Port Orchard branch to relocate to new POCEC and vacate its existing building
  • Existing Port Orchard Farmer’s Market to relocate in proximity to POCEC
  • Transit Center fits within the context of the Downtown Port Orchard Subarea Plan
  • Accessibility for all users and connectivity to active transportation

The study has reviewed several sites and potential configurations for a transit center. The most feasible options include a re-purposing of the existing Library site (options 1a, 1b, and 1c) or the parking area adjacent to Waterfront Park (option 3a). These options were presented to the Kitsap Transit Board of Commissioners at the May 16 meeting, and can be viewed here:

May 16 Board Presentation

Finest Heading to Dock Seattle

Reliance Landing Seattle

Finest Heading to Dock Seattle

Reliance Landing Seattle

Community Input

We would like to hear what you think about these site options. Selection of the preferred option will take into account your opinions and thoughts.

Learn more and take our site selection survey

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