Bainbridge Island Bike Barn Agreement

Kitsap Transit has made bicycle hooks and personal lockers available for commuters who desire to commute part way by bike. A select number of hooks and lockers are being made available, by reservation, on a first come first serve basis and are intended and only available to commuters over age 18 who regularly and consistently commute (three or more days in aggregate per week) part way by bike.

The applicant (hereafter referred to as "tenant") represents that he/she is a Kitsap Transit "Smart Commuter" who commutes part way by bike and that the locker will be used for the storage of bicycle gear and related items.

Kitsap Transit will remove our lock from the bicycle hook. At that time it is the tenant's responsibility to secure the hook with a personal lock of their own. Personal locks remain on the reserved bike hook when not in use.

Kitsap Transit provides a lock and key for the corresponding bicycle locker (i.e. hook #23 and personal locker #23 will be issued with return of application).

The tenant will retain the use of the corresponding locker and hook for an indefinite period of time as long as there have been no violations of the agreement and the semi-annual renewal is completed, along with maintaining current information. Failure to renew this agreement or inform Kitsap Transit of the intent to vacate the locker may result in the forfeiture of the deposit and the disposal of any remaining items therein.

Bicycle hooks and personal lockers are for the sole purpose of storing bicycle equipment. This excludes, but is not limited to, bicycles with any combustion type engine or motor. Storage of any non-bicycling items or objects, including any combustible materials, will result in the immediate forfeiture of the locker. The locker shall not be used in, or in any connection with, any activity prohibited by law. No right or expectation of privacy regarding the locker or its contents shall be created by this agreement. Kitsap Transit reserves the right, and the tenant acknowledges the right of Kitsap Transit, to inspect the locker and its contents at any time without prior notice in order to pursue a reasonable belief that a health or safety hazard may exist or that the terms and conditions of this agreement are being violated. As part of the consideration for this agreement the tenant specifically waives any right to privacy that he/she may have and acknowledges and stipulates that this rental agreement is not a rental of residential property subject to the Washington State Landlord Tenant Act.

Kitsap Transit assumes no liability, and is not responsible for, fire, theft, loss or damage to the personal property and items left attended or unattended at the Bike Barn or in the personal lockers. The undersigned tenant indemnifies and holds Kitsap Transit harmless, as well as its directors, officers, agents, representatives and employees from any and all liability of any nature arising from the use of the locker.

A security deposit of $75.00 is required upon submission of the application. Expenditures incurred by Kitsap Transit may use up the initial deposit amount. Deductions are broken down according to, but are not limited to, the following list of possible expenses. Any remaining amount will be refunded (by check) when the locker is vacated and the key is returned to Kitsap Transit in a clean and undamaged condition, except for normal wear and tear of usage.

Schedule of possible costs incurred:

1. Re-key bike locker tumbler and replace key $ 45.00 an hour

2. Clean up due to poor maintenance $ 45.00 an hour

3. Locker or hook damage repair $ 45.00 an hour

4. Key replacement $ 5.00 each

5. Bike Hook replacement $ 29.00 each

Any correspondence regarding this agreement should be directed to: Kitsap Transit Customer Service Office, 60 Washington Avenue, Suite 200, Bremerton, WA 98337 Attn: Bike Barn. Questions relating to the Bike Barn facility can be directed to: kitsapride@kitsaptransit.com or 1-800-501-7433.

Download Bike Barn Application (pdf)

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