Bike Locker Agreement

Kitsap Transit, with the cooperation and/or financial support of the US Department of Transportation, the State of Washington and Kitsap County governments, has made bicycle lockers available at strategic locations throughout the Kitsap Transit service area for the sole purpose of assisting daily commuters who use a bicycle as part of their transportation plan to and from work.

Bicycle commuters (hereafter referred to as “tenants”) will retain the use of the locker for an indefinite period of time provided there have been no violations of this "Agreement" and the semi-annual renewal is complete, providing current tenant information. These lockers are available on a first come, first serve basis and are intended for and only available to commuters over age 18 who regularly and consistently (three or more days in aggregate per week) commute part way by bicycle. The undersigned applicant represents that he /she is indeed commuting part way on a bicycle, and agrees that the locker will be used for the storage of a bicycle and accessories only.

Items stored in the lockers exclude, but is not limited to, bicycles with any combustion type engine or motor. Storage of any unrelated items or objects, including any combustible materials, will result in the immediate forfeiture of the locker and deposit. The locker shall not be used in, or in any connection with, any activity prohibited by law. The undersigned applicant waives any claim to the right to privacy, expressly consenting to allow a Kitsap Transit agent to open and inspect the locker and its contents thereof at any time, without prior notice. Such inspections may occur in the event of an emergency, a reasonable belief that a health or safety hazard exists, and if and when a reasonable belief that any of the terms and conditions of this “Agreement” have been or are being violated.

Kitsap Transit assumes no liability and is not responsible for fire, theft, loss or damage to the contents of the bicycle locker. The undersigned tenant indemnifies and holds Kitsap Transit harmless, as well as its Directors, Officers, agents, representatives and employees from any and all liability of any nature arising from the use of the locker.

Renewals will be sent to the tenant’s address provided on the application.  Lost or stolen mail will not be the responsibility of Kitsap Transit. Kitsap Transit must receive the renewal agreement on or before the expiration date to continue use of the assigned locker. Failure to renew this “Agreement” will result in cancellation and forfeiture of the listed deposit. The renewal and any other correspondence regarding this agreement should be directed to: Kitsap Transit Customer Service Office, 60 Washington Avenue, Suite 200, Bremerton, WA 98337 Attn: Bike Lockers or faxed to 360-475-0823, Attn: Bike Lockers. If you have questions, need assistance completing the renewal form, or need to speak to a Customer Service Specialist please contact us at 1-800-501-7433.

A security and key deposit of $75.00 is required at the time the application is submitted. There is no monthly rental fee. Expenditures incurred by Kitsap Transit may deplete the initial deposit amount should the following services be required. Deductions are itemized below, but are not limited to the following list of possible expenses. Should deductions be necessary, any remaining deposit amount will be refunded (by check) when the locker is vacated and the key is returned to Kitsap Transit.

Schedule of possible costs incurred:

1. Re-key bike locker tumbler and replace key $45.00 an hour
2. Clean up due to poor maintenance  $45.00 an hour
3. Locker damage $45.00 an hour
4. Key replacement or extra key $5.00 each

This “Agreement” may be terminated by the tenant upon written notice and surrender of any and all keys issued by Kitsap Transit. Violation of any terms and conditions of this “Agreement” will result in immediate termination, at which time the tenant will have up to 30 days to reclaim property removed from the locker. After which, Kitsap Transit shall dispose of the tenant’s unclaimed property. Kitsap Transit shall have no duty or responsibility whatsoever to care for, safeguard or maintain the removed property for the benefit of the tenant. Kitsap Transit will dispose of the removed property without an accounting to the tenant. Any funds received from the disposition shall remain with Kitsap Transit.

All terms and conditions governing bicycle locker usage are contained herein. Tenants will be notified in writing of any changes in policies or information required to retain the use of bicycle lockers, should changes occur.

Actual execution of this “Agreement” will occur when Kitsap Transit accepts the application, the tenant pays the required deposit, and a locker is assigned. Locker assignment may be delayed if there is a waiting list. The application, along with the terms and conditions of this “Agreement” shall remain in force until the applicant withdraws the application in writing.

Bike Locker Application (.doc)

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