Limited Snow Service

When Extreme Weather Hits... 

Your Kitsap Transit routed bus will likely not run its normal route when conditions become unsafe for our operations.

Limited Snow Service is designed to connect Kitsap’s communities using arterial roads. Buses serve major roadways between Bainbridge, Poulsbo, Silverdale, Bremerton and Port Orchard. Local and fast ferries will still operate as long as sailing conditions are deemed acceptable.

See the maps below to learn which arterials Kitsap Transit buses will operate on when we are running Limited Snow Service.

Stay Informed

As driving conditions improve, service will be upgraded gradually -- from Limited to Snow Route or Normal Route. These service upgrades will occur at specific time intervals in order to give our customers time to plan accordingly. The time intervals we plan to make changes to service are 4 AM, 9 AM, Noon, 3 PM and 7 PM.

Check the current status on the Snow & Extreme weather page. Click Here

Customers are strongly encouraged to subscribe to Kitsap Transit's rider alerts so they can receive push notifications. If you have questions, you can call 1.800.501.7433.

Download Full System Map (pdf)

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Download route map (pdf)

Download route map (pdf)

Download route map (pdf)

North Kitsap

Poulsbo/Silverdale - Service will operate in both directions.  The bus will travel from the Silverdale Transit Center into Poulsbo using Hwy. 3 to Hwy. 305 to the North Viking Transit Center. On return trips to Silverdale, the bus will depart the North Viking Transit Center to Hwy. 305. It will then reverse its route back to Silverdale.  

Poulsbo/Bainbridge - Service will operate in both directions.   The bus will travel Hwy. 305 between the North Viking Transit Center and the Bainbridge Island Ferry Terminal.

Poulsbo/Kingston - Service will operate in both directions between the North Viking Transit Center and the Kingston Ferry Terminal on Bond Road. No stops on Bond Road between the North Vicking Transit Center and George's Corner.

Central Kitsap

East to West Bremerton via Downtown. Service will operate in both directions and will make all stops. Departing the West Bremerton Transit Center the bus will travel Auto Center Way to Kitsap Way to 6th to Warren Avenue to Burwell into the Bremerton Transportation Center (BTC). Returning to West Bremerton the bus will depart the BTC using Washington to 11th to Pacific to 6th and continue on the route serving Naval, 11th, Callow and Kitsap Way.

On trips departing the East Bremerton Transit Center the bus will use Wheaton Way to Sheridan to Old Wheaton Way near Harrison Hospital then cross the Manette Bridge. The bus will then use Washington to Burwell to Pacific into the BTC. Returning to the eastside, the bus will use Washington to Burwell to Warren to Sylvan into the transit center.

West and East Bremerton to Silverdale - Service will operate in both directions. From west Bremerton Transit Center the bus will travel Kitsap Way to Hwy. 3 to Austin Drive to Erlands Point. It will then take Chico Way into Silverdale traveling Kitsap Mall Boulevard to the Silverdale Transit Center on Greaves Way. The bus will use the same roads returning from the Silverdale Transfer Center back to the westside. Leaving the East Bremerton Transit Center the bus will travel Wheaton Way to Waaga Way to Ridgetop, Myhre and Silverdale Way then use Kitsap Mall Boulevard into the Silverdale Transit Center on Greaves Way. It will return to the Eastside the same way but will turn off Wheaton Way at Riddell to serve a portion of Riddell, Pine Road and Sylvan Way into the East Bremerton Transit Center.

South Kitsap

Port Orchard Loop -  Service will operate in one direction to connect people to the Kitsap Transit Foot Ferry to Bremerton.  The bus will depart the ferry dock traveling Sidney to Bay to Cline. It will use Kitsap, Seattle, Dwight, Harrison and Division before hitting Sidney Avenue. The bus will travel Sidney to Tremont to Pottery to Lippert and back to Sidney.  It will use Lund to Madrona and will serve the east side of Madrona Loop to Village Lane to Mile Hill Drive then Bethel and Bay returning to the ferry dock.

South Kitsap Mullenix Route - Connects passengers from the Mullinex P&R to the Southworth Ferry during commuter hours only (4:30am-6:30am and 3:30pm-7:20pm) similar to the #85 schedule. 

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