Vanpools Under Construction

Do you want to to be a part of a potential, new vanpool? Please review the Kitsap Transit vanpools below. Contact the person listed next to the potential vanpool you are interested in, or call and ask for Vanpool Coordinators Tommy Fernandez, Lindsay Bailey, or Dee Williams at 360.478.5858.  Good luck!

Do you want to start a vanpool, but need riders? Fill out this form, save and send it to us and we will put you on this web page!

Vanpools Under Construction

Construction Projects

Origin Destination Shift Times Contact
Port Orchard Puget Sound Naval Shipyard 7:20 AM to 4:02 PM Kelly Tippin: kelly.tippin@us.navy.mil, 360-340-0388 or 360-265-4128
Silverdale Puget Sound Naval Shipyard 7:20 AM to 4:02 PM

Zachary Thomas: zach_is_great@yahoo.com
or 360-801-3691

Port Orchard IMF Bangor Delta Pier

5:30 AM to 3:00 PM

Wayde Deese: wayde.deese@navy.mil
Bremerton University of Washington, Main Campus Bremerton WSF 6:20 AM to 5:35 PM Elana Voigt: elanavoigt@gmail.com, 206-543-8588 or 650-274-6657

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