Vanpool Basics

Our van, our fuel, our insurance…one monthly fare.  If you are TIP eligible or subsidized by your employer it may be a free ride!

All you need are:

  • two drivers (one primary, one backup)
  • enough riders to fill an available van to one half plus one person seating capacity. 

*For example, an 8 passenger van would require 5 passengers including drivers. 

Step 1 - Get at least enough riders to fill an available van to one half seating capacity plus one person wanting to save money by sharing a ride.  Your vanpool must originate or end in Kitsap County.  To help you find riders, go to rideshareonline.com and complete a ride-match form.  If you want to join an already established vanpool, check out or current vanpools.

Step 2 - Get at least two or more of those happy commuters to be volunteer drivers.  The drivers need to be responsible people with good driving records.  One of the drivers will be the "Primary Driver" and the other drivers are "Backup Drivers".  All of these drivers will have to complete a free Van Driver Orientation.  Van Driver Orientations are done online, but require an in person driving evaluation.

Step 3 - Once you have enough commuters, it's time to call one of Kitsap Transit's vanpool coordinators at 360-478-5858 and get the ball rolling.  You don't have to worry about insurance, maintenance,  or fuel because  Kitsap Transit provides all of that.  The members of the vanpool just have to pay a reasonable fare (fares are paid in advance).  Now don't lollygag around!  Call us as soon as you have the necessary ingredients, because vans are going out the door fast and are on a first-come-first-serve basis.

That's all there is to forming a vanpool!  Other than some paper work to complete, and a contract that all members must sign, once you have completed the above three steps, you are free to start saving money by vanpooling.

If you have questions, check out are Vanpool Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ) page or call us at 360-478-5858.

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