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While the COVID-19 pandemic continues to plague our lives, we all have roles to play in slowing the spread of this virus and the toll it takes on our community. Kitsap Transit has kicked off a new ad campaign that shows how to ride public transit safely during the pandemic. With the emergence of new variants of the virus, a high rate of infections and a new federal mandate for mask-wearing on public transit, the messages in this campaign are as timely as ever. Click here to see our news release on the ad campaign.

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​Virus Killer

We spray and use UV light to kill viruses on our buses and ferries so you can ride at ease.  ​

​Everyone’s Show Must Go On

We scrub our ferries and buses relentlessly so you can keep moving, without an intermission.  ​

​Keep Your Hands Clean

We offer hand sanitizer on our buses and ferries.

Supplies Ravaged? Take One of Our Masks

You’ll need a face covering to ride our buses and ferries.


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