Status of Services

Please subscribe to rider alerts for service updates. Passenger capacity limits on Routed buses are 25 to 30 percent, depending on the vehicle; 22 passengers on Worker/Driver buses; and 46 passengers on ferries.

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We’re Committed to Your Safety

Everyone wins when transit is a safe and reliable option for getting around! 


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Doing Our Part

We’re doing everything we can to keep you healthy and safe when you ride.


Doing Your Part

We’re in this together! Let's not give COVID a ticket to ride by adopting a few new habits.

Listen to the Experts

We communicate regularly with Kitsap Public Health District for their guidance. Check out these resources:


Wear Face Coverings

Cover your nose and mouth at all times – even if you aren’t feeling sick, you can spread COVID.

Mask Up Riders

Keep Riders Safe

We enforce state law requiring face coverings on public transit, provide face masks and hand sanitizer on our services and are in the process of installing seat bands to reinforce social distancing on our buses.

Keep Your Distance

When waiting for your ride and finding a seat, keep your distance from those not in your household.

social distancing

Protect our Employees

We've installed see-through partitions on our buses to create a physical barrier between our operators and riders at the farebox. In addition, all operators are required to wear a face covering on the job.

Clean Hands Often

Please carry hand sanitizer or use our dispenser to clean your hands when using our services.

Clean Hands Often

Disinfect Daily

We disinfect high-touch areas daily with a non-toxic cleaner certified to kill coronaviruses.

Pay Your Fare Without Touching Cash

You can pay your fare with the ORCA card or Transit GO mobile app instead of cash.

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Monitor & Improve

We’re monitoring best practices and testing additional ways to keep riders safe, such as air cleaners that kill germs with ultraviolet (UV) light. 

UV Air Cleaner



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