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get vaccinated ride free for 1 month on Kitsap Transit

GET VACCINATED - Ride our buses and ferries FREE FOR A MONTH

FREE Combo Bus/Ferry Pass: Get vaccinated against COVID-19 starting in mid-June from a participating provider and receive a vaccination voucher you can redeem for a FREE combo bus/ferry pass good on all Kitsap Transit services for a single month from June 2021 through May 2022. Not for you? Give your voucher to a friend. 

CLICK HERE for more information on the Vaccination Pass.

FREE Transportation to Vaccine Clinics: If you need transportation assistance to a COVID-19 vaccine site, please call our ACCESS service at (360) 479-7272 or (800) 422-2877. To make an appointment for a vaccination, please contact your health-care provider or the clinic. Due to waiting times at clinics, you will need to call ACCESS after you have received your vaccine to request a ride home. We are waiving fares for these rides.

Face Mask Required: Federal law still requires a face mask that covers both nose and mouth when traveling on public transportation and waiting at transportation hubs in the United States. Failure to comply may result in denial of boarding or removal. Refusal to wear a mask is a violation of federal law; passengers may be subject to penalties under federal law. To learn more, read the Transportation Security Administration's directive to operators.

Apply for Medical Exemption: If you have a medical exemption under the federal law, you must apply for and receive a medical-exemption card that you must show the operator upon boarding. CLICK HERE to fill out our online form or call ACCESS at (360) 479-7272 or e-mail access@kitsaptransit.comA Mask Waiver Card issued by Kitsap Transit is only valid on Kitsap Transit Services. This card is not valid on any other transit system, business or organization.

Status of Services

Please subscribe to rider alerts for service updates. We have returned to full seating capacity on our buses and ferries. The following Routes are suspended until further notice: #91, #92 and #234.

CLICK HERE for our office hours and locations.

Virus Killer

We spray and use UV light to kill viruses on our buses and ferries so you can ride at ease.  

#WeAreKitsap #WeCanDoThis

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Bee Keeper Checklist ​​

Spray Cleaning Buses ​​

UV cleaning light on buses​​

Keeping You Safe On Our Buses and Ferries

Doing Our Part

We’re doing everything we can to keep you healthy and safe when you ride.


Doing Your Part

We’re in this together! Let's not give COVID a ticket to ride by adopting a few new habits.

Disinfect Daily

We disinfect high-touch areas daily with a non-toxic cleaner certified to kill coronaviruses.

Wear Face Coverings

Cover your nose and mouth at all times – even if you aren’t feeling sick, you can spread COVID.

Mask Up Riders

Clean the Air

We've installed ultraviolet (UV) light air cleaners on our Routed buses and ferries.  

UV Air Cleaner

Pay Your Fare Without Touching Cash

You can pay your fare with the ORCA card or Transit GO mobile app instead of cash.

ORCA click here

Learn more about ORCA
Click Here
Transit GO Ticket - Click Here

Learn more about Transit GO Ticket 
Click Here 

Support Hand Hygiene

We provide hand sanitizer on our buses and ferries. Public health experts recommend washing hands or using hand sanitizer after leaving a public place.

Clean Hands Often

Please carry hand sanitizer or use our dispenser to clean your hands when using our services.

Clean Hands Often

Protect Our Employees

We've installed see-through partitions on our buses to create a physical barrier between our operators and riders at the farebox. In addition, all operators are required to wear a face covering on the job.


Keep Your Distance When Possible

When waiting for your ride and finding a seat, try to keep your distance from those not in your household.

social distancing



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