NEW ORCA coming in 2022

Beginning in 2022, the new myORCA mobile app and website will make paying for transit rides in the Puget Sound region faster and easier.  Learn more at myORCA.com 

‚ÄčOrca Logo     An ORCA card is an electronic fare payment system accepted on Kitsap Transit, Pierce Transit, King County Metro Transit, Community Transit, Sound Transit, Everett Transit and the Washington State Ferries.  It allows riders to load fare product, like a monthly pass, onto their card and tap their card aboard a bus, train or ferry to pay their fare.  Instead of carrying different passes for different transit systems, riders carry just one card! 

How To Get Your Card

Go Online (Adult cards only) – Visit www.orcacard.com and select “Get A Card”. You can use a credit card to order a card on line, add E-purse transportation value or regional or agency passes and have the card mailed to you with your fare product loaded on it within five to seven days.

Visit a Retail Outlet (Adult cards only) – Participating Safeway stores in Kitsap County, Saar's Super Saver Foods in Bremerton and the Food Market at Kingston offer ORCA cards for purchase and can load E-purse or a monthly pass.  Please see the chart below for Kitsap County outlets. Or CLICK HERE for the complete list of ORCA retailers.

Order By Phone (Adult cards only) – Call 1-888-988-6722 to order your card and passes with a credit card over the phone. You will receive your card, with passes loaded, in seven to ten days.

Order By Mail (Adult cards and youth ages 6-18, with a copy of age verification) – Call 1-888-988-6722 or download a paper form at www.orcacard.com. Make your selections and drop it in the mail. Mail orders can be made by check or credit card. You will receive your card, with passes loaded, in seven to ten days.

Visit Kitsap Transit Customer Service (Adult, youth ages 6 to 18, disabled and senior Regional Reduced Fare and Kitsap Transit Low Income) – Visit Kitsap Transit’s Customer Service Office in the Bremerton Transportation Center to pick up an ORCA card and load passes or E-purse. Our staff can also add value to your card each month or as you need it.

Card Fee

The card fee includes the cost of the card only. To use the ORCA card on seven area transit services, riders must pay for a monthly pass or E-purse loaded onto their card. ORCA cards can last up to five years and can be reloaded over and over.

  • Adult (ages 19 to 64) card: $5.00

Reduced fare cards

  • Youth (age 6 to 18) requires proof of age. Card cost is $5.00.
  • Senior Regional Reduced Fare Permit (age 65 or older) requires proof of age. First card is free. Replacement card is $3.00. 
  • Disabled Regional Reduced Fare Permit requires proof of disability or a valid Medicare card. First card is free. Replacement card is $3. Issued in person as a photo is taken.
  • Low Income requires proof of income. First card is free. Replacement card is $3.00.  

NOTE: Reduced Fare ORCA cards can only be issued in person at Kitsap Transit’s Customer Service Office or at any of the regions ORCA Customer Service Offices.

Register Your ORCA Card!

Registered cardholders have the benefit of balance protection if their card is lost or stolen and can view their fare transactions and card use online. Registered cardholders can also set up Autoload, which automatically loads passes or E-purse onto their ORCA card when their value is getting low. Tap your ORCA card to activate E-purse added online or by phone. If you do not tap within 60 days, reactivate that E-purse by contacting ORCA customer service at 888-988-6722 or contactus@orcacard.com. Reduced Fare ORCA cards are issued as registered cards. Adult cardholders can register their cards at the time of purchase, or at a later date. All registered cardholders need to create an online user account to be able to access information online at www.orcacard.com.

Add Value to Your ORCA Card

Kitsap County ORCA Retail Locations


Purchase a new adult card

Purchase a new youth, senior, disabled or low income reduced fare card

Load E-purse value or pass on your ORCA card

Bainbridge Island
Safeway - 253 High School Road NE X X
Kitsap Transit Customer Service Office - 10 Washington Avenue X X X
Saar's Super Saver Foods - 2900 Wheaton Way X X
Safeway - 909 N Callow Avenue X X
Safeway - 1401 NE McWilliams Road X X
Albertsons -  8196 NE SR 104 X X
Food Market at Kingston - 10978 SR 104 X X
Safeway - 19245 10th Avenue E X X
Port Orchard
Albertsons - 1434 Olney Ave SE X X
Safeway - 3355 Bethel Rd SE X X
Safeway - 2890 NW Bucklin Hill Road X X

NOTES: Adult cards can also be purchased and loaded with value at www.orcacard.com, by phone at 1-888-988-6722 or by mail. Adult and youth cards are $5. Senior and disabled cards are $3. New low income cards, valid on Kitsap Transit and King County Metro services only, are free of charge. Riders must meet eligibility criteria to purchase a reduced fare ORCA card.

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