DoubleMap FAQs

Q: What factors affect how the performance of DoubleMap's mobile app?

Users of DoubleMap's software may have different experiences based on their application installation, network carrier and other factors. Here are some factors that may impact your mobile application's performance:

  • age of the mobile device
  • device's operating system and version
  • whether the application's latest update has been installed
  • RAM and storage on the device
  • mobile service carrier
  • user's location, time of day and network signal strength
  • permissions granted to DoubleMap application
  • refresh rate
  • too many applications installed on your device

Q: How does the app determine which routes are displayed?

DoubleMap displays only the routes that are active at the time the user opens the app. For example, at 6:00 am more routes will be displayed than at 10:00 am because more buses are in operation early in the morning. If the user saves the active routes early in the day and re-opens the app in the afternoon, some routes that are not in operation at the time will be toggled off. It's important for users to verify the routes they desire to see on the map are toggled on in the Routes menu.

Q: What could cause the Expected Time of Arrival (ETA) to be incorrect?

Numerous factors can cause this, including the strength of the connection between the device and the network, simultaneouly running applications, when the phone last refreshed, and a lapse in cellular connection between the bus and the network. Also, if the transit vehicle does not yet have the hardware installed that communicates its location to the DoubleMap system, the ETA shown will be based on the printed schedule, not based on real-time GPS location.

Q: Why is my route not showing up?

Because it is a real-time tracking application, DoubleMap will not display the route if you are searching for it when the route does not operate. For example, certain routes that operate only during peak commute hours will not show up in the application mid-day. However, if the application fails to display a route that is currently operating, there may be a connectivity issue with your device or the device on a particular coach at that moment. We recommend refreshing your Internet browser and checking again later. If you are unable to view the route in the application, we recommend visiting the route’s schedule page on our website to view the route map and scheduled timepoints.

Q: Why is only one route showing up?

If you clicked the "View route in real time" link on your route's schedule page, you will be able to view only that route. To view all routes, download the Kitsap Transit Tracker App or visit kitsap.doublemap.com and make sure you click the toggle to display your routes on the map.

Q: How do I use the Kitsap Transit Tracker mobile app?

Watch our helpful YouTube video at youtu.be/JikcAnFPP8Q or visit us online at kitsaptransit.com/TrackMyRide.

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