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Fast and Easy! Use your smartphone to buy and use transit tickets.

Here's how it works

Transit GO Ticket is a mobile app that lets you quickly buy bus and local foot ferry tickets on your phone and get where you need to go without having to pay cash. Kitsap Transit's Day Pass is valid on Routed Buses, Dial-A-Ride, and Local Foot Ferries.

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How to buy tickets

You can buy as many electronic tickets as you’d like. An Adult Day Pass is $5.00. A Reduced Fare Day Pass is $2.50. See our Fares page for details on eligibility for Reduced Fare.

Transfers to other systems are NOT allowed.

How to use a ticket

Buying a Day Pass

Prior to boarding transit, purchase the Kitsap Transit Day Pass that fits your needs. There is no expiration from the time of purchase until you "Activate" your Day Pass.  


When you’re ready to board, simply tap a button to activate the ticket (see screenshot below). Once activated, a rider can use the Day Pass for multiple trips on a Kitsap Transit bus or local foot ferry (not valid on Kitsap Transit Fast Ferries) made the same day; the Day Pass expires at the end of the day it was activated and is NOT valid for trips on the next calendar day.

On Boarding

On the bus, show your activated Day Pass on your mobile device screen to the driver after boarding. On the local foot ferries, show it to the deck hand before boarding.  

Buying a Day Pass




On Boarding


Have Feedback? 

Please contact our customer service department by calling 1.800.501.7433 or emailing kitsapride@kitsaptransit.com.

Other Transit GO products by Agency

Other transit agencies sell their own products on the Transit GO mobile app. Please refer to their websites for more information and questions about their products and fare policies.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How is the Transit GO Ticket different than an ORCA card?
A: Transit GO Ticket focuses on helping infrequent transit users reduce the usage of cash on buses by providing a simple easy mobile alternative. Current ORCA cards aren’t mobile based.

Q: Do I need Wi-Fi or Cellular data to buy or activate a Transit GO Ticket?
A: Internet access is required to complete a purchase, but not to activate the ticket, if one decides to save the tickets on the phone. A rider can select to save their tickets to their phone or to the cloud under the ticket storage menu. Tickets stored on the cloud require Wi-Fi or cellular data to access and activate. Please plan your trip with enough time to complete your transaction prior to boarding.

Q: Can I transfer with a Transit GO Ticket like I do with e-purse on ORCA card?
A: Mobile tickets behave exactly like paper tickets, and allow transferring between Kitsap Transit buses and local foot ferries. Transfers to and within other systems are not allowed. To take advantage of transfers to and from Kitsap Fast Ferries, one should use ORCA.

Q: I’m paying for multiple riders. Can I have multiple tickets activated at the same time? 
A: Yes. When you activate multiple tickets, the activation screen will display all activated tickets on the same screen, showing each type of fare activated.

Q: In addition to credit and debit cards, are there any other payment forms accepted for purchasing Transit GO Tickets?
A: Currently only credit and debit cards are accepted as means of payment. Transit vouchers, Apple Pay and PayPal are not accepted at this time.

Q: Can I use a Transit GO Ticket on a Kitsap Transit Fast Ferry or Worker/Driver Bus?
A: Due to the different fares for Kitsap Transit Fast Ferries, ACCESS and Worker/Driver Buses, the Transit GO Ticket is not accepted on these services.  

Q: Will Kitsap Transit and other agencies that are using Transit GO Tickets still accept cash to ride?
A: Yes, cash will continue to be accepted.

Q: How much time might riders save using Transit GO Tickets?
A: Riders who would otherwise feed cash into the farebox or buy a transit ticket at a vending machine for the local foot ferry could save several minutes by instead purchasing and displaying their Transit GO Ticket on their smartphone.

Q: Will Transit GO Tickets save money and how?
A: If you take multiple buses and the local foot ferries throughout the day you could save several dollars with the Transit GO Ticket. Additionally the application will give riders a new, convenient way to pay to ride transit. With fewer riders paying by cash, it reduces some wear and tear on fareboxes and administration fees. Showing a Transit GO Ticket also can speed up boarding, potentially improving on-time performance and saving operating costs for transit agencies.

Q: What other agencies or cities are using mobile ticketing, and which cities are using this same vendor?
A: There are more than 20 agencies in the country using mobile ticketing, including Seattle, Austin, Texas, New York Waterway, Atlanta and Toronto. The vendor selected for this implementation has already implemented mobile ticketing with multiple agencies in the Puget Sound region.

Q: Can my driver help me if the Transit GO Ticket app isn’t working?
A: A driver might only be able to spend a quick moment answering a question, but cannot help navigate the app at the risk of delaying transit service. Kitsap Transit’s Customer Service staff at 1.800.501.7433 can help either in person or by phone prior to taking a trip.

Q: Who can I contact if I have any problems with the Transit GO Ticket App?
A: Kitsap Transit’s Customer Service group can assist with most questions regarding functionality, navigation, ticket validation and payment issues. Please call 1.800.501.7433.

Q: I don't have a smartphone. What are my options?
A: At this time, the Day Pass is only available on mobile devices as Kitsap Transit is piloting the product and evaluating demand. As part of this project, Kitsap Transit is studying potential impacts on vulnerable populations. Please call 1.800.501.7433 if you would like to talk with our Customer Service group about obstacles you face in accessing the Day Pass product.

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