Kariotis ADA Accessible Schedule

Effective December 6, 2015

Weekday Schedule

Outbound Schedule by Stop
Inbound Schedule by Stop
Outbound Schedule by Run
Inbound Schedule by Run

Text Description of Route

Outbound Weekday Schedule by Stop

Until 3:30pm, this bus becomes the #21 at the East Bremerton Transfer Center.  Riders continuing to Manette or downtown Bremerton do not need to transfer buses.

Until 3:30pm, the #21 arriving at the East Bremerton Transfer Center becomes the #23 and continues to the Silverdale Transfer Center.

East Bremerton Transfer Center

7:30a; 8:30a; 9:30a; 10:30a; 11:30a; 12:30p; 1:30p; 2:30p; 3:30p; 4:30p; 

Kitsap Mental Health

7:35a; 8:35a; 9:35a; 10:35a; 11:35a; 12:35p; 1:35p; 2:35p; 3:35p; 4:35p; 

McWilliams Park & Ride

7:38a; 8:38a; 9:38a; 10:38a; 11:38a; 12:38p; 1:38p; 2:38p; 3:38p; 4:38p; 

Esquire Hills Elementary School

7:43a; 8:43a; 9:43a; 10:43a; 11:43a; 12:43p; 1:43p; 2:43p; 3:43p; 4:43p;

Silverdale Transfer Center

7:55a; 8:55a; 9:55a; 10:55a; 11:55a; 12:55p; 1:55p; 2:55p; 3:55p; 4:55p;

Inbound Weekday Schedule by Stop
Silverdale Transfer Center

8:00a; 9:00a; 10:00a; 11:00a; 12:00p; 1:00p; 2:00p; 3:00p; 4:00p; 5:00p;

Esquire Hills Elementary School

8:10a; 9:10a; 10:10a; 11:10a; 12:10p; 1:10p; 2:10p; 3:10p; 4:10p; 5:10p;

McWilliams Park & Ride

8:15a; 9:15a; 10:15a; 11:15a; 12:15p; 1:15p; 2:15p; 3:15p; 4:15p; 5:15p; 

Kitsap Mental Health

8:18a; 9:18a; 10:18a; 11:18a; 12:18p; 1:18p; 2:18p; 3:18p; 4:18p; 5:18p;

East Bremerton Transfer Center

8:25a; 9:25a; 10:25a; 11:25a; 12:25p; 1:25p; 2:25p; 3:25p; 4:25p; 5:25p; 

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Outbound Weekday Schedule by Run
7:30a to 7:55a

East Bremerton Transfer Center at 7:30a; Kitsap Mental Health at 7:35a; McWilliams Park & Ride at 7:38a; Esquire Hills Elementary at 7:43a; Silverdale Transfer Center at 7:55a;

8:30a to 8:55a

East Bremerton Transfer Center at 8:30a; Kitsap Mental Health at 8:35a; McWilliams Park & Ride at 8:38a; Esquire Hills Elementary at 8:43a; Silverdale Transfer Center at 8:55a;

9:30a to 9:55a

East Bremerton Transfer Center at 9:30a; Kitsap Mental Health at 9:35a; McWilliams Park & Ride at 9:38a; Esquire Hills Elementary at 9:43a; Silverdale Transfer Center at 9:55a;

10:30a to 10:55a

East Bremerton Transfer Center at 10:30a; Kitsap Mental Health at 10:35a; McWilliams Park & Ride at 10:38a; Esquire Hills Elementary at 10:43a; Silverdale Transfer Center at 10:55a;

11:30a to11:55a

East Bremerton Transfer Center at 11:30a; Kitsap Mental Health at 11:35a; McWilliams Park & Ride at 11:38a; Esquire Hills Elementary at 11:43a; Silverdale Transfer Center at 11:55a;

12:30p to 12:55p

East Bremerton Transfer Center at 12:30p; Kitsap Mental Health at 12:35p; McWilliams Park & Ride at 12:38p; Esquire Hills Elementary at 12:43p; Silverdale Transfer Center at 12:55p;

1:30p to 1:55p

East Bremerton Transfer Center at 1:30p; Kitsap Mental Health at 1:35p; McWilliams Park & Ride at 1:38p; Esquire Hills Elementary at 1:43p; Silverdale Transfer Center at 1:55p;

2:30p to 2:55p

East Bremerton Transfer Center at 2:30p; Kitsap Mental Health at 2:35p; McWilliams Park & Ride at 2:38p; Esquire Hills Elementary at 2:43p; Silverdale Transfer Center at 2:55p;

3:30p to 3:55p

East Bremerton Transfer Center at 3:30p; Kitsap Mental Health at 3:35p; McWilliams Park & Ride at 3:38p; Esquire Hills Elementary at 3:43p; Silverdale Transfer Center at 3:55p;

4:30p to 4:55p

East Bremerton Transfer Center at 4:30p; Kitsap Mental Health at 4:35p; McWilliams Park & Ride at 4:38p; Esquire Hills Elementary at 4:43p; Silverdale Transfer Center at 4:55p;

Inbound Weekday Schedule by Run
8:00a to 8:25a

Silverdale Transfer Center at 8:00a; Esquire Hills Elementary at 8:10a; McWilliams Park & Ride at 8:15a; Kitsap Mental Health at 8:18a; East Bremerton Transfer Center at 8:25a;

9:00a to 9:25a

Silverdale Transfer Center at 9:00a; Esquire Hills Elementary at 9:10a; McWilliams Park & Ride at 9:15a; Kitsap Mental Health at 9:18a; East Bremerton Transfer Center at 9:25a;

10:00a to 10:25a

Silverdale Transfer Center at 10:00a; Esquire Hills Elementary at 10:10a; McWilliams Park & Ride at 10:15a; Kitsap Mental Health at 10:18a; East Bremerton Transfer Center at 10:25a;

11:00a to 11:25a

Silverdale Transfer Center at 11:00a; Esquire Hills Elementary at 11:10a; McWilliams Park & Ride at 11:15a; Kitsap Mental Health at 11:18a; East Bremerton Transfer Center at 11:25a;

12:00p to 12:25p

Silverdale Transfer Center at 12:00p; Esquire Hills Elementary at 12:10p; McWilliams Park & Ride at 12:15p; Kitsap Mental Health at 12:18p; East Bremerton Transfer Center at 12:25p;

1:00p to 1:25p

Silverdale Transfer Center at 1:00p; Esquire Hills Elementary at 1:10p; McWilliams Park & Ride at 1:15p; Kitsap Mental Health at 1:18p; East Bremerton Transfer Center at 1:25p;

2:00p to 2:25p

Silverdale Transfer Center at 2:00p; Esquire Hills Elementary at 2:10p; McWilliams Park & Ride at 2:15p; Kitsap Mental Health at 2:18p; East Bremerton Transfer Center at 2:25p;

3:00p to 3:25p

Silverdale Transfer Center at 3:00p; Esquire Hills Elementary at 3:10p; McWilliams Park & Ride at 3:15p; Kitsap Mental Health at 3:18p; East Bremerton Transfer Center at 3:25p;

4:00p to 4:25p

Silverdale Transfer Center at 4:00p; Esquire Hills Elementary at 4:10p; McWilliams Park & Ride at 4:15p; Kitsap Mental Health at 4:18p; East Bremerton Transfer Center at 4:25p;

5:00p to 5:25p

Silverdale Transfer Center at 5:00p; Esquire Hills Elementary at 5:10p; McWilliams Park & Ride at 5:15p; Kitsap Mental Health at 5:18p; East Bremerton Transfer Center at 5:25p;

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Text Description of Route

23 Outbound

Depart East Bremerton Transfer Center
Left on Sylvan Way
Left on Wheaton Way
Right on Riddell
Left on Almira
Left on Fuson
Right on Wheaton Way
Right on McWilliams Road
Left on Sunset
Left on Aegean
Left on John Carlson
Right on Wheaton Way (Hwy. 303) onto Waaga Way
Right on Greaves Way
Left into Silverdale Transfer Center

23 Inbound

Depart Silverdale Transfer Center
Right on Greaves Way
Left on Waaga Way onto Wheaton Way (Hwy. 303)
Left on John Carlson
Right on Aegean
Right on Sunset
Right on McWilliams Road
Left on Wheaton Way
Left on Fuson
Right on Almira
Right on Riddell
Left on Wheaton Way
Right into East Bremerton Transfer Center

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