West Silverdale/Fairgrounds ADA Accessible Schedule


Effective December 2, 2019

Weekday Schedule

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Saturday Schedule

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Weekday Schedule by Stop

Silverdale Transit Center

7:00a; 8:00a; 9:00a; 10:00a; 11:00a; 12:00p; 1:00p; 2:00p; 3:00p; 4:00p; 5:00p; 6:00p;

Bucklin Hill & Mickelberry

7:08a; 8:08a; 9:08a; 10:08a; 11:08a; 12:08p; 1:08p; 2:08p; 3:08p; 4:08p; 5:08p; 6:08p;

Kitsap Pavilion

7:13a; 8:13a; 9:13a; 10:13a; 11:13a; 12:13p; 1:13p; 2:13p; 3:13p; 4:13p; 5:13p; 6:13p;

Bucklin Hill & Mickelberry

7:18a; 8:18a; 9:18a; 10:18a; 11:18a; 12:18p; 1:18p; 2:18p; 3:18p; 4:18p; 5:18p; 6:18p;

Arrive Silverdale Transit Center

7:28a; 8:28a; 9:28a; 10:28a; 11:28a; 12:28p; 1:28p; 2:28p; 3:28p; 4:28p; 5:28p; 6:28p;

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Weekday Schedule by Run

7:00a to 7:28a

Silverdale Transit Center at 7:00a; Bucklin Hill & Mickelberry at 7:08a; Kitsap Pavilion at 7:13a; Bucklin Hill & Mickelberry at 7:18a; Silverdale Transit Center at 7:28a;

8:00a to 8:28a

Silverdale Transit Center at 8:00a; Bucklin Hill & Mickelberry at 8:08a; Kitsap Pavilion at 8:13a; Bucklin Hill & Mickelberry at 8:18a; Silverdale Transit Center at 8:28a;

9:00a to 9:28a

Silverdale Transit Center at 9:00a; Bucklin Hill & Mickelberry at 9:08a; Kitsap Pavilion at 9:13a; Bucklin Hill & Mickelberry at 9:18a; Silverdale Transit Center at 9:28a;

10:00a to 10:28a

Silverdale Transit Center at 10:00a; Bucklin Hill & Mickelberry at 10:08a; Kitsap Pavilion at 10:13a; Bucklin Hill & Mickelberry at 10:18a; Silverdale Transit Center at 10:28a;

11:00a to 11:28a

Silverdale Transit Center at 11:00a; Bucklin Hill & Mickelberry at 11:08a; Kitsap Pavilion at 11:13a; Bucklin Hill & Mickelberry at 11:18a; Silverdale Transit Center at 11:28a;

12:00p to 12:28p

Silverdale Transit Center at 12:00p; Bucklin Hill & Mickelberry at 12:08p; Kitsap Pavilion at 12:13p; Bucklin Hill & Mickelberry at 12:18p; Silverdale Transit Center at 12:28p;

1:00p to 1:28p

Silverdale Transit Center at 1:00p; Bucklin Hill & Mickelberry at 1:08p; Kitsap Pavilion at 1:13p; Bucklin Hill & Mickelberry at 1:18p; Silverdale Transit Center at 1:28p;

2:00p to 2:28p

Silverdale Transit Center at 2:00p; Bucklin Hill & Mickelberry at 2:08p; Kitsap Pavilion at 2:13p; Bucklin Hill & Mickelberry at 2:18p; Silverdale Transit Center at 2:28p;

3:00p to 3:28p

Silverdale Transit Center at 3:00p; Bucklin Hill & Mickelberry at 3:08p; Kitsap Pavilion at 3:13p; Bucklin Hill & Mickelberry at 3:18p; Silverdale Transit Center at 3:28p;

4:00p to 4:28p

Silverdale Transit Center at 4:00p; Bucklin Hill & Mickelberry at 4:08p; Kitsap Pavilion at 4:13p; Bucklin Hill & Mickelberry at 4:18p; Silverdale Transit Center at 4:28p;

5:00p to 5:28p

Silverdale Transit Center at 5:00p; Bucklin Hill & Mickelberry at 5:08p; Kitsap Pavilion at 5:13p; Bucklin Hill & Mickelberry at 5:18p; Silverdale Transit Center at 5:28p;

6:00p to 6:28p

Silverdale Transit Center at 6:00p; Bucklin Hill & Mickelberry at 6:08p; Kitsap Pavilion at 6:13p; Bucklin Hill & Mickelberry at 6:18p; Silverdale Transit Center at 6:28p;

Saturday Schedule by Stop

Silverdale Transit Center

9:00a; 10:05a; 11:10a; 12:15p; 1:20p; 2:25p; 3:30p; 4:35p; 5:40p; 6:45p;

Bucklin Hill & Mickelberry

9:08a; 10:13a; 11:16a; 12:21p; 1:26p; 2:31p; 3:36p; 4:41p; 5:46p; 6:51p;

Kitsap Pavilion

9:13a; 10:18a; 11:23a; 12:28p; 1:33p; 2:38p; 3:43p; 4:48p; 5:53p; 6:58p;

Bucklin Hill & Mickelberry

9:18a; 10:23a; 11:29a; 12:34p; 1:39p; 2:44p; 3:49p; 4:54p; 5:59p; 7:04p;

Arrive Silverdale Transit Center

9:27a; 10:32a; 11:36a; 12:41p; 1:46p; 2:51p; 3:56p; 5:01p; 6:06p; 7:11;

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Saturday Schedule by Run

9:00a to 9:27a

Silverdale Transit Center at 9:00a; Bucklin Hill & Mickelberry at 9:08a; Kitsap Pavilion at 9:13a; Bucklin Hill & Mickelberry at 9:18a; Silverdale Transit Center at 9:27a;

10:05a to 10:32a

Silverdale Transit Center at 10:05a; Bucklin Hill & Mickelberry at 10:13a; Kitsap Pavilion at 10:18a; Bucklin Hill & Mickelberry at 10:23a; Silverdale Transit Center at 10:32a;

11:10a to 11:36a

Silverdale Transit Center at 11:10a; Bucklin Hill & Mickelberry at 11:16a; Kitsap Pavilion at 11:23a; Bucklin Hill & Mickelberry at 11:29a; Silverdale Transit Center at 11:36a;

12:15p to 12:41p

Silverdale Transit Center at 12:15p; Bucklin Hill & Mickelberry at 12:21p; Kitsap Pavilion at 12:28p; Bucklin Hill & Mickelberry at 12:34p; Silverdale Transit Center at 12:41p;

1:20p to 1:46p

Silverdale Transit Center at 1:20p; Bucklin Hill & Mickelberry at 1:26p; Kitsap Pavilion at 1:33p; Bucklin Hill & Mickelberry at 1:39p; Silverdale Transit Center at 1:46p;

2:25p to 2:51p

Silverdale Transit Center at 2:25p; Bucklin Hill & Mickelberry at 2:31p; Kitsap Pavilion at 2:38p; Bucklin Hill & Mickelberry at 2:44p; Silverdale Transit Center at 2:51p;

3:30p to 3:56p

Silverdale Transit Center at 3:30p; Bucklin Hill & Mickelberry at 3:36p; Kitsap Pavilion at 3:43p; Bucklin Hill & Mickelberry at 3:49p; Silverdale Transit Center at 3:56p;

4:35p to 5:01p

Silverdale Transit Center at 4:35p; Bucklin Hill & Mickelberry at 4:41p; Kitsap Pavilion at 4:48p; Bucklin Hill & Mickelberry at 4:54p; Silverdale Transit Center at 5:01p;

5:40p to 6:06p

Silverdale Transit Center at 5:40p; Bucklin Hill & Mickelberry at 5:46p; Kitsap Pavilion at 5:53p; Bucklin Hill & Mickelberry at 5:59p; Silverdale Transit Center at 6:06p;

6:45p to 7:11p

Silverdale Transit Center at 6:45p; Bucklin Hill & Mickelberry at 6:51p; Kitsap Pavilion at 6:58p; Bucklin Hill & Mickelberry at 7:04p; Silverdale Transit Center at 7:11p;

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Text Description of Route

237 Outbound/Inbound

Depart Silverdale Transit Center
Right on Greaves Way
Onto Kitsap Mall Boulevard
Right on Randall Way
Left on Randall Way
Right on Bucklin Hill Road
Left on Anderson Hill Road
Left on Silverdale Way
Right on Bucklin Hill Road
Right on Nels Nelson
Right on Fairgrounds
Right on Tracyton Boulevard
Left on Bucklin Hill Road
Left on Silverdale Way
Right on Anderson Hill Road
Right on Bucklin Hill Road
Left on Randall Way
Right on Randall Way
Left on Kitsap Mall Boulevard
Left on Greaves Way
Left into Silverdale Transit Center

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