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The rights and lefts for this route with times and some stops are listed below. 

6:03 AM Depart KT Parking area Right onto Tibardis 3:40 PM Depart Charleston Base- last  bus out of lot
6:05 AM Stop at Oak Park/Grandstand 3:45 PM Bldg 467 (DLA, Fleet Support) - last bus through gate
6:06 AM Right onto Oak Park   Right onto R Street
  Right onto San Juan    Left to Bldg 1124
6:07 AM Stop at Sucia   Left at DD6 - NW corner
6:08 AM Left onto Central Valley 4:04 PM Stage: DD6 - near Wycoff Gate and Bldg 1124 -
6:09 AM Right onto Foster Road    'last bus onto R Street'
  Stop at Lighted Crosswalk   Stops: 880, 1106, Bldg. 431 - crosswalk, DD3
6:10 AM Stop at Covina 4:16 PM Depart PSNS (Main Gate)
  Stop at Forest Grove   Left on Washington Ave
6:12 AM Right onto Old Military   Right onto Manette Bridge
6:13 AM Cross Fairgrounds    Left on E. 11th
6:14 AM Stop at Knights Ct/Crossroads Church 4:19 PM Left on Perry Ave
6:15 AM Stop at Marwood   Stop at 13th
  Stop at Mailboxes at gravel drive (6654 Old Military)   Stop at 17th
6:16 AM Right onto McWilliams   Stop at Cascade Trail
6:17 AM Right onto Grand Pine Loop   Stop at Holman
6:18 AM Stop at West end of Grandpine 4:25 PM Stop at Stone/Magnuson
  Left onto McWilliams   Stop at Perry Mall north of hedgerow
6:19 AM Stop at Juanita    Left on Sylvan
6:20 AM Right onto Pine   Stop at Forest or wooden fence
6:22 AM Stop at Melanie/Pinecrest   Right on Petersville
6:23 AM Stop at Pinecrest/Ridgemont   Stop at greeh house  (Chelsea)
  Left onto Riddell Road   Left on Riddell
6:24 AM Stop at crosswalk sign 4:34 PM Cross Wheaton Way
  Cross Wheaton Way   Stop at Bowwood
6:27 AM Right onto Petersville Ave 4:37 PM Right on Pine (Stop at corner)
  Stop at Worrall Drive    Stop at Ridgemont
6:30 AM Left onto Sylvan    Stop at Melanie
  Stop at Forest Dr    Stop at McWilliams (Call out for "J")
6:32 AM Right onto Perry Ave   If "J" is onboard, Left onto McWilliams, else Right
6:33 AM Stop at Perry Mall shelter   Right Grand Pine Loop
6:35 AM Stop at Magnuson   Left McWilliams
6:37 AM Stop at Holman Rd   Stop at Juanita
7:36 AM Stop at 19th   Left on Old Military (may stop at Melia)
6:38 AM Stop at 17th   Stop at Mailboxes at gravel drive (6654 Old Military)
  Stop at 11th   Stop at Marwood
6:40 AM Right onto E 11th   Left into Crossroads Church
  Left onto Harkins   Right onto Fairgrounds
  Cross Manette Bridge   Left onto Old Military
  Left onto Washington   Left on Foster
  Right onto Burwell   Stop at Forest Grove
6:41 AM Stop outside gate   Stop at Covina
6:43 AM Right onto 1st Street   Stop at lighted Crosswalk
  Main Gate   Left on Central Valley
  PSNS Stops:   Right on San Juan
6:47 AM Stop at Bldg 857   Stop at Sucia
  Stop at Bldg 427   Left onto Oakpark
  Stop at Bldg 850   Right onto Fairgrounds
  Stop at Bldg 850A   Left onto Tibardis
  Left west of 873 4:55 PM Park bus @ Tibardis Lot
  Stop at Bldg 851    
  Stop at Bldg 462    
  Stop at SE corner of Bldg 1124    
  Left at head of DD6    
  Left onto "R" Street    
  Stop Bldg 448, coffee shop    
6:57 AM Out Missouri Gate    
7:01 AM Bus Parked at Charleston Base    

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