Olympic Fjord

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The rights and lefts for this route with times and some stops are listed below. 

5:50 AM Depart Main Base 3:40 PM Depart Main Base  
5:52 AM Left on Charleston Blvd 4:09 PM Stage: DD6   
  Continue onto Hwy. 3   Stops: OK Corral - near crosswalk, DD5,  
5:55 AM Exit HWY 3 after RR Crossing Bridge,     Bldg. 431 -near bus stop,  
  Make a sharp Right turn.    inside Main Gate - at crosswalk   
6:02 AM Onto Sherman Heights Rd  4:13 PM Exit Main Gate onto Washington Ave.  
6:04 AM Left on Kent Ave W   Continue on Washington to 11th ST  
6:05 AM Right on to Earhart St 4:18 PM Right on High Ave  
  Left on to 3rd Ave W to Sunn Fjord   Left on 15th St.  
6:10 AM Depart Sunn Fjord continue down 3rd st to Roosevelt Blvd   Right on Snyder Ave  
6:11 AM Right on Roosevelt Blvd   Left on 25th St  
6:12 AM Left on Oyster Bay Ave   Right on N. Wycoff Ave  
6:13 AM Right on Loxie Eagans   Left on 26th St  
  Right on National Ave   Left on N Lafayette Ave onto N Cambrian Ave
6:15 AM Left on Madrona St 4:26 PM Right on 19th St.  
  Left on W. Charlotte Ave 4:28 PM Left on Lafayette  
6:16 AM Left on G St   Right on 15th St  
6:17 AM Right on National Ave through light to Arsenal Ave   Veer right on Corbet Dr  
  Right on Arsenal Ave 4:33 PM Veer left on Phinney Bay Dr  
6:19 AM Left on Marion Ave onto Adele Ave   Left on Rocky Pt Rd  
6:21 AM Thru light at Kitsap Way onto Marine Dr.   Left on Marine Dr  
6:24 AM Depart First Methodist Church Park & Ride (pick up on Marine Dr.) 4:36 PM First Methodist Church P&R  
  Right on Rocky Pt Rd   Thru light at Kitsap Way onto Adele Ave  
  Right on Phinney Bay Dr   Onto S. Marion Ave  
  Veer Right on Corbet   Right on Arsenal Ave  
  Left on 15th St 4:42 PM Left on National Ave  
6:26 AM Right on Cambrian Ave   Left on Madrona St  
  Left on 13th St.   Left on W. Charlotte Ave  
6:28 AM Left on Wycoff Ave 4:44 PM Left on G St  
6:30 AM Left on 19th St   Right on National  
  Right on Cambrian onto Lafeyette   Left on Loxie Eagans Blvd  
  Right on 26th St 4:46 PM Left on Oyster Bay Ave  
  Right on Wycoff Ave.   Right on Roosevelt Blvd  
  Left on 25th St   Left on 3rd St  
  Right on Snyder   Sunn Fjord-Panorama Apartments  
  Left on 19th St onto Naval Ave   Continue on 3rd Ave  
  Left on 15th St   Left on Earhart St  
6:36 AM Right on High ave 4:55 PM Sinclair View Apartments-bottom of hill  
6:38 AM Left on 11th St   Right on Front Ave W  
6:42 AM Right on Warren Ave   Continue onto Sherman Heights Rd   
  Left on Burwell   Onto W. Belfair Valley Rd  
  Right on Pacific   Left on Sam Christopherson Rd  
6:45 AM PSNS Main Gate   Left onto Hwy 3 to Main Base  
  AM PSNS STOPS 5:20 PM Main Base  
  Main Gate, Shee Trailer, Coffee Shop/431, 850, Cal Tunnel,      
  Coffee Shop/Transportation, G-lot, Battery Shop      

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