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The rights and lefts for this route with times and some stops are listed below. 

5:15 AM Depart North Base (Route 338) 3:40 PM Depart Charleston Base  
  Right on Vetter Rd   Enter Charleston Gate  
  Left on Viking Way   Right on "Z" St (@ Wendy's)  
5:19 AM Stop @ North Viking Transit Center   Left on South Ave. (into "Z" Lot)  
  Left on Viking Way   Stop @ FLC Stop Sign  
  Left on SR 305   Left on "W" Street (toward Farragut)  
  Right on Hostmark St.   Right on Farragut Avenue  
5:25 AM Stop @ Gateway P&R   Stop @ Blue Coffee Shop (448)  
  Left onto Hostmark St.   Stop @ Dispensary Bus Stop  
  Right on SR 305   Stop @ Main Gate (Turn around)  
5:32 AM Stop @ Casino Bus Stop   Stage @ Pipe Shop, doors 7/8  
5:42 AM Stop @ BITC (Ferry Terminal) 4:09 PM Depart Pipe Shop  
5:45 AM Lv BITC on SR 305 (Winslow W/D)   Stop @ Streetlight by Bldg 435   
  Left on Winslow Way   Stop @ Bldg. 850, Post 13   
  Right on Grow Avenue   Stop @ Blue Coffee Shop (448)  
5:48 AM Stop @ Driveway before "Olympian"   Stop @ Stop Sign by "G" Lot  
  Right on Wyatt Way   Left onto Charleston Blvd  
  Left on Madison (mini roundabout)   Right onto SR 3 North  
5:51 AM Stop @ Ihland Way (mail boxes)    Exit/Right on Finn Hill Road  
  Left on New Brooklyn 4:41 PM Stop @ 1st Bus Stop (top of hill)  
  Right on Sportsman Club Rd 4:42 PM Stop @ PC Church entrance  
5:54 AM Stop @ Island Church P&R   Continue onto Ludwig/Front St.  
  Left on SR 305 4:45 PM Stop @ Torval Canyon Bus Stop  
5:59 AM Stop @ Day Road Bus Stop 4:46 PM Stop @ Jensen Stop Sign  
6:03 AM Stop @ Suquamish Way Bus Stop 4:48 PM Stop @ King Olaf Parking Lot  
6:05 AM Stop @ just past Totten Rd bus Stop 4:50 PM Stop @ Gateway P&R  
6:07 AM Stop @ Noll Rd Bus Stop   Left onto Hostmark Street  
  Left on Hostmark Street   Right on SR 305  
6:12 AM Stop @ Gateway P&R 4:53 PM Stop @ Delate Road Bus Stop  
  Right onto Hostmark Street 4:55 PM Stop @ Lemolo Shore Dr. Bus Stop  
6:14 AM Stop @ King Olaf Parking Lot 4:59 PM Stop @ Casino Bus Stop  
6:15 AM Stop @ Jensen Way Bus Stop 5:05 PM Stop @ Day Road Bus Stop  
6:16 AM Stop @ Torval Canyon Bus Stop   Right on Winslow Way  
  Continue on Ludwig/Finn Hill Rd   Right on Grow Avenue  
6:18 AM Stop @ Staffordshire Lane 5:13 PM Stop @ Driveway before "Olympian"  
6:19 AM Stop @ Bus Stop before SR 3   Right on Wyatt Way  
  Left on SR 3   Left on Madison (mini roundabout)  
  Exit/Left on Kitsap Way 5:15 PM Stop @ Ihland Way (mail boxes)   
  Left on 11th Ave   Left on New Brooklyn  
  Right on Warren Ave   Right on Sportsman Club Rd  
  Left on Burwell Street 5:19 PM Stop @ Island Church P&R  
  Stop @ Park Ave Bus Stop   Left on SR 305  
  Right on Pacific Ave   Right on Viking Way (by Sonic's)  
  Stop outside the PSNS Main Gate   Right on Vetter Rd.   
6:47 AM Right into PSNS Main Gate 5:50 PM Arrive @ North Base  
  Stop @ Bldg. 857      
  Stop @ SE Corner of Bldg. 427      
  Stop @ Streetlight by Bldg. 435       
  Stop @ Bldg. 850      
  Stop @ Bldg. 850A      
  Stop @ Blue 448 Coffee Shop      
  Left on W St. (FLC entry)      
  Stop @ Bldg. 467 Main Door (FLC)      
  Right on Wykoff      
  Stop @ Z street Stop Sign (Pier D)      
  Right on "Z" Street      
  Right on South Ave. (into Z Lot)      
  Left on W Street      
  Left on Farragut Ave.      
  Right on Callow Ave.      
7:00 AM Arrive @ KT Charleston Base      

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