Long Lake Days

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The rights and lefts for this route with times and some stops are listed below. 

5:35 AM BUS PULL out of South Base 3:45 PM Bus Departs Charleston Base  
  Right onto Retsil-through to Armory P & R   Entered PSNS via Charleston Gate  
  Right onto Mile Hill   Entered CIA via Farragut Gate  
  Right onto Southworth Drive   Stage: Bldg. 856  
5:45 AM Right onto Banner Rd   BUS HOLDS HERE UNTIL 4:09PM  
5:47 AM Mayvolt Road   Depart Staging Area  
5:48 AM Right onto Sedgwick   Stops: Bldg. 850, Bldg. 448 - across from OK Corral  
5:50 AM Left onto Lake Valley Road   Exit CIA  
5:55 AM Left onto Long Lake Road 4:14 PM Exit Missouri Gate  
  Long Lake Store 4:17 PM Left onto Hwy 304  
5:54 AM Long Lake & North St   Overpass; Hwy 304 feeds into Hwy 3 south  
5:57 AM Right onto Mullinex   Left onto Hwy 16  
5:58 AM Spirit of Life Church Mullenix/ Phillips 4:34 PM Right onto exit for Mullenix Rd  
5:59 AM Mullinex & Pelican 4:36 PM Left onto Mullenix Rd  
6:00 AM Left onto Ramiller 4:37 PM Mullenix Park and Ride  
  Ramiller and Kemp Pl 4:38 PM Right onto Horizon Lane  
6:01 AM 9501 Ramiller, Kathie's Tax Service   Horizon & Arthur  
6:02 AM Left onto Cain, becomes Saber 4:39 PM Horizon & Sunburst  
  3311 Saber (nearest Cross is Beartree .1) 4:41 PM Horizon / Brookwood  
6:03 AM Right onto Tucci 4:42 PM Horizon & Brookside  
6:04 AM Tucci & Raintree 4:43 PM Left onto Tucci  
6:05 AM Right onto Horizon 4:44 PM Tucci / Horizon Lane East  
  10410 Horizon  4:44 PM Tucci & Raintree  
6:07 AM Horizon & Brookwood 4:45 AM Tucci & Saber, left onto Saber  
6:08 AM Horizon & Hollman 4:46 PM Saber & Bear Tree  
6:09 AM Horizon & Sunburst 4:46 PM 9751 Sable  
6:11 AM Left onto Mullinex 4:47 PM Left onto Cain  
6:14 AM Mullinex Park & Ride 4:47 PM Right onto Ramiller  
6:17 AM Right onto Hwy 16 4:49 PM Right onto Mullenix Rd  
  Hwy 16 feeds into Hwy 3 north 4:49 PM Mullenix & Pelican  
6:40 AM Right onto Hwy 304 (turns into Charleston Blvd) 4:51 PM Left onto Long Lake Rd  
6:41 AM Right onto Burwell   7846 Long Lake Rd  
  Right onto Pacific 4:53 PM Long Lake Rd & North St  
  Right onto First Street   7068 Long Lake Road  
6:50 AM Main Gate 4:54 PM Long Lake Store  
  PSNS AM STOPS 4:56 PM Right onto Lake Valley Road  
  857, Canteen, 850A, 448  4:57 PM Right onto Sedgwick  
6:55 AM Bus parked at Charleston Gate 4:58 PM Left onto Banner Road  
    5:02 PM Left onto Southworth Drive  
    5:04 PM Left onto Mile Hill  
      Right onto Retsil Road  
      Left into South Base  
    5:12 PM Bus is parked at KT South Base  

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