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The rights and lefts for this route with times and some stops are listed below.

5:47 AM Leave South Base 3:40 PM Stop at Transportation @ Flatbeds  
  Left Mile Hill   Stop at B1106 Dr 5 Laydown  
5:50 AM Right Harrison onto Right Madrona   STAGE: B107 Dr 5/6 behind Olalla 618  
5:55 AM Right Tamarack   Stop at B427 Bus Stop - not now  
  Left Pine Tree   Stop at B 850 Pillar 11-not now  
  Left Ash   Stop at B850A Pillar 10 - pillar 8 consr't  
5:57 AM Right Madrona   Stop at B448 PkgLot  
  Right Fircrest   Stop at G-Lot  
  Left Aspen - Stage here if early onto Bottom   EXIT: Old Clifton onto Lund  
6:00 AM Left Basswood   Left Bethel  
  Right Aspen   Right Mitchell  
  Left Fircrest   Stop at Lutheran Church P & R on Street @ BS  
6:03 AM Right Conifer Park    Right Beck onto S-Curve  
  Left Buckingham Drive   Right Jefferson onto Left Harding  
  Left Westminister Drive   Right Lincoln  
  Left Yorkshire Ave onto Right Phillips Road   Left Hoover  
  Left Lund Avenue   Left Lund  
6:08 AM Stop at Mariners Glen on Lund    Right Harris  
6:09 AM Left Jackson Avenue   Left Salmonberry  
  Stop at Summer   Right Eastwood   
  Stop at Calaveras   Stop at Calveras  
  Stop at Travera   Stop at Travera  
  Stop at Villa Carmel   Left Travera    
6:15 AM Right Sedgwick   Stop at Malibu  
6:16 AM Right Bethel   Stop at Jackson  
  Right Lund   Left Jackson    
6:18 AM Left Hoover   Stop at Trfc Cir   
  Right Lincoln   Stop at Briarwood  
  Left Harding onto Right Jefferson   Stop at Summer  
  Left Beck cut through P-Lot   Right Lund  
6:25 AM Left into Lutheran Church P&R    Right Phillips onto Left Yorkshire  
  Left Mitchell   Right Westminister DRight  
  Right Lincoln   Right Westminister DRight (again)  
  Left Bethel   Right Buckingham  
  Right Lund   Right Conifer Park Dr   
  Right Hwy 16 W   Stop at Maple Crest  
  Stop at B857   Left Fircrest   
  Stop at B850A TLD   Right Aspen  
  Stop at B448   Left Basswood   
  Stop at G-Lot   Left Aspen  
      Left Madrona  
      Left Pine Tree  
      Right Tamarak  
      Left Madrona  
      Left Village Ln SE  
      Left Mile Hill  
      Right Retsil onto Park  

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