Vanpool Promotion

Tired of paying the cost of driving alone and parking fees?

For a limited time, Kitsap Transit is offering more flexible Vanpool fares and ridership requirements to help minimize the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on commuting. During this promotion, groups with a minimum of three active members can travel by vanpool at an affordable rate.  Each individual pays a monthly rate based on van size and daily miles traveled. For example members using an eight-passenger van traveling 40 miles daily would each pay $53.50 monthly. The monthly rate covers the van fuel, maintenance and insurance. 

To ensure a safe commute, Kitsap Transit offers each vanpool group face masks, sanitizer gel, spray bottles and wipes. 

This promotion is especially attractive for those who work at Naval Base Kitsap and qualify for the Federal Transportation Incentive Program (TIP) vanpool subsidy. If a group can start with four or more members, TIP will cover the individual fare while Kitsap Transit covers the rest. Please inquire with the TIP reviewing officer at your command for further details. 



To start a vanpool, here are the basic requirements:

  • Minimum of three active members
  • Two members must volunteer and become eligible Vanpool drivers 
  • Group members must decide who will perform the Vanpool bookkeeper role and a point of contact

New Vanpools will get the first month free!

Give Vanpooling a try! 


For more information, please contact a Vanpool Coordinator at 1.800.501.7433 or vanpool@kitsaptransit.com.


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