Vanpool Promotion

Kitsap Transit is excited to announce new promotions for our Vanpool program!

For a limited time, new Vanpool riders get their first month free!

New Vanpool riders (and their recruiter) who join between Jan. 1, 2022 and June 30, 2023 will be eligible for a $100.00 Amazon gift card*.

  • Vanpool Recruiters – Vanpool riders who recruit a new rider* will instantly receive a $100 gift card.
  • New Riders –  New Vanpool riders* will receive a $100 gift card when they join. New riders must ride more than 10 trips each month.
  • New Vanpool Groups – Each member of the new Vanpool group will receive the first month free, a $100 gift card.

You must fill out the new rider registration or be the recruiter to be eligible to win. (Please allow up to three weeks to receive your gift card, as our staff needs to process applications.) 

Win one of 10 LECTRIC E-Bikes!*

Qualifying riders and recruiters will also be eligible for a drawing to win one of 10 E-bikes! To participate, complete the incentives registration form and send it to Vanpool@KitsapTransit.com. Incomplete forms or submissions received after the deadlines listed below will not be eligible for that drawing. 

New riders who have applied and been approved for their Amazon gift card will be automatically entered into the E-Bike drawing and do not need to fill out the form again. If you have questions about the drawing, email Vanpool@KitsapTransit.com.

E-Bike Drawing Deadlines

Be sure to submit your form before these dates for a chance to win:

  • March 14 (2 bikes)
  • April 11 (2 bikes)
  • May 16 (3 bikes)
  • June 13 (3 bikes)

Thank You, Vanpool Riders

We want to send a heartfelt thank you to all of our long-time Vanpool riders for keeping us up and running. 

Unfortunately, these incentives for new riders are grant-funded, which means we cannot distribute gift cards to our long-term riders. But we wanted to pass along our genuine appreciation and let you know we are doing our best to keep rates affordable for you. 

*To qualify for the $100 Amazon Gift Card and e-Bike drawings, new Vanpool members must ride in their Vanpool for a minimum of 10 trips a month. Participants must be 18 years old or older to qualify. These promotions only apply to riders who have not participated in a Kitsap Transit Vanpool in the last six months. The incentive deadline to recieve a second $100 Amazon Gift Card ended March 31, 2023.


Vanpool Electric Bike Promotion - image of the bike

Help Grow the Vanpool Program!

RideshareOnline is the best place to find new vanpool riders! 

If you are the point of contact for your vanpool, you should already have access to RideshareOnline. From your home page, select “My Trips” and then “Find Matches” to begin searching for people who share your commute. From there, you can contact potential riders and ask them to join. Don’t forget to share the benefits of joining a Kitsap Transit vanpool with potential riders! 

If you are not a point of contact for vanpool, you can still register for RidershareOnline and search for potential riders. Vanpoolers who recruit new riders will be eligible for the gift card and E-bike drawing incentives! 

Vanpool Requirements

To start a Vanpool, here are the basic requirements:

  • Minimum of three active members
  • Two members must volunteer and become eligible Vanpool drivers 
  • Group members must decide who will perform the Vanpool bookkeeper role and a point of contact

Give Vanpooling a try!




To ensure a safe commute, Kitsap Transit offers each vanpool group face masks, sanitizer gel, spray bottles and wipes. 

Do you work at Naval Base Kitsap and qualify for the Federal Transportation Incentive Program (TIP) vanpool subsidy? If a group can start with four or more members, TIP will cover the individual fare while Kitsap Transit covers the rest. Please inquire with the TIP reviewing officer at your command for further details. 

For more information, please contact a Vanpool Coordinator at 1.800.501.7433 or vanpool@kitsaptransit.com.


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