Vanpool Online Payments

Your vanpool fare is determined by the daily round trip miles the van travels, the number of days the van operates in a week, the size of the van and the number of vanpool participants. Ask your bookkeeper what your vanpool fare is.

Vanpool payments are made in advance. Payments are due no later than the 9th of the month. You can make your payment anytime from the 10th of the month through the 9th of the following month. Example: Payment made on the 10th of November will be for your December vanpool rides. If you are paying with a Government card (GoCard, TRANServe) please inquiry with your employer on when you should pay the vanpool fare.

 There is a $30 late fee if your payment is not made by the 9th.

Online payments for vanpool fares are easy using debit/credit cards on the ORCA website.

To pay a vanpool fare online

Vanpool online payment general information

  • Vanpool customers can only pay vanpool fares online at myORCA.com, or by phone 1.888.988.6722. Vanpool fares cannot get processed at retail outlets.
  • Vanpool payments are due on the 9th of each month (Autoload is unavailable).
  • Only MasterCard or Visa cards are accepted for vanpool payments. Please note that E-Purse cannot be used toward a vanpool fare payment.
  • Payment is for vanpool fare only (including applicable late fees, toll fees, or an outstanding balance). A bus pass purchase is not included.

What you need to know when paying your vanpool fare online

  • The fare amount you will be paying (your vanpool group bookkeeper can inform you of the amount)
  • The intended pay period (the period would typically be month in which your payment is submitted)
  • The operating agency “Kitsap Transit”
  • Your Group ID # (or ID Code, which is particularly important to ensure that your payment gets processed accordingly. If you do not know your Group ID, please contact your vanpool bookkeeper)
  • The Comment Field is an area for providing additional payment details (e.g., late fee payment, toll fees, or an outstanding balance)

If you have any questions or issues submitting an online vanpool payment, please call the ORCA customer service line at 1.888.988.6722 anytime between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday.  Select “Bus,” then select “Kitsap” to speak with a customer service agent.

Payment by ORCA Passport

  • Give your passport number to your bookkeeper and verify how much your passport is worth with your employer. Passports are only worth up to the amount of your fare or the set dollar amount your employer has set, whichever is lower.

Payment with TIP

Payment by Check or Vouchers

  • Make sure to put your vanpool ID Code on your check or vouchers and give them to your bookkeeper.
    • Mail checks to:

Kitsap Transit
60 Washington Ave Suite 200
Bremerton, WA 98337

Payment by U-Pass

  • Give your U-Pass number to your bookkeeper. If your fare is higher than what your U-Pass is worth, you will need to pay the difference either on the ORCA website or by check.







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