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Silverdale Transit Center 

Kitsap Transit is constructing a new transit center in Silverdale, a designated Regional Growth Center. The Silverdale Transit Center will include up to eight bus bays, shelters, vehicle parking, stormwater management facilities, ADA accessible site improvements, sidewalks, bike lanes, bike storage and a bus driver comfort station. The transit center is part of a larger development including hospital expansion, stormwater and corridor improvements funded with federal, state, county and private dollars.

Location of Future Silverdale Transit Center

Silverdale Transit Center Future Location off Ridgetop


Kitsap Transit currently operates a transfer center on a dead-end spur in front of the Trails at Silverdale shopping center under an agreement with the Washington State Department of Transportation. The location does not meet the needs of transit riders, including potential safety risks for pedestrian access and accessibility to housing and services. The current facility was built as a temporary solution in 2001. Prior to that, Kitsap Transit had a transfer center for 25 years at the Kitsap Mall.

The future Silverdale Transit Center (STC), located across from the regional Harrison Medical Center and near housing developments, improves reliability and accessibility for transit riders and enhances access and mobility within the regional growth center by connecting people to opportunities. The project also provides for a signalized intersection and crosswalk, reducing safety risks for pedestrians and motorists.

The future STC will incorporate a highway access ramp to SR 303/NW Waaga Way and a canopy structure to protect riders from rain.



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