#95 - Battle Point

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Weekdays Only

Areas Served

High School Road, Bethany Lutheran Park & Ride, Battle Point, Arrow Point, Bainbridge Ferry Terminal


Bus stops along this route are not marked with Kitsap Transit signs, with a few exceptions.  The bus will stop along the route for you.  Wait in a place that is safe for you and safe for the bus to pull over for you. 

Schedule Effective November 29, 2021











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All PM Trips and 6:05am, 6:50am and 7:40am BI arrivals

#95 Schedule

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Miller & Tolo

Frey & Battle Point

Springridge & Fletcher Bay

Miller & New Brooklyn

Bethany Lutheran Park & Ride

Bainbridge Island Ferry

AM 4:37 AM 4:43 AM 4:49 AM 4:55 AM 5:02  AM 5:10

Bus returns to start of route traveling
High School Road

5:36 5:42 --- 5:49 5:56 6:05
6:21 6:27 --- 6:34 6:41 6:50
7:08 7:14 --- 7:21 *7:28  (via Madison)   7:40
7:57 8:03 8:09 8:15 8:23   8:35 End of service
* This bus will continue to the ferry using Madison instead of Hwy. 305.  


Bainbridge Island Ferry

Bethany Lutheran Park & Ride

Miller & New Brooklyn

Frey & Battle Point

Miller & Tolo

PM 3:45 PM 3:52 PM 3:57 PM 4:00 PM 4:07 Bus returns to Ferry traveling
High School Road
4:35 4:42 4:47 4:51 4:57
5:30 5:40 5:45 5:49 5:55
6:30 6:40 6:45 6:49 6:55
*7:15 #95 Ferry-Take-Home North (93/95/106) End of service
--- Bus does not stop.

* Makes connections with WSF. Ferry-Take-Home buses will depart after the ferry arrives and passengers have loaded. Buses will drop passengers only along the route(s) indicated, at the bus stop nearest their home. There are some exceptions where routes overlap or there are no bus stops. Buses may deviate from the normal route to speed delivery of a passenger to a marked stop. Ferry-Take-Home buses do not make pickups after departing the Bainbridge Ferry. 

For mid-day and Saturday service on Bainbridge Island, see the BI Ride Brochure. For information, or to schedule a ride a day in advance, call 1-800-422-2877.

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